The war against Russia in Ukraine is World War IV

Many people believe that the Obama-Biden administration is using (and will be using) the war against Russia in Ukraine to acquire political capital, even though the war does not concern the USA at all. They are 100% right in the first part of their statement but dismally wrong in the second part.

This war concerns the civilized world in the most direct way, which is why 40 nations participated in the Ramstein Air Base meeting on April 24 and have formed an anti-Russia worldwide coalition. The Democrat ruling elite are whatever you would like to call them, but they are by no means stupid: they would never join an unpopular war!

The war against Russia in Ukraine today is, in fact, World War IV. Russia started it to take revenge for the loss of World War III—the Cold War (exactly as Germany started World War II as revenge for losing World War I). Putin clearly and—what is important—openly formulated Russia’s goals in his notorious speech in Munich (2007).

The next year Russia attacked Georgia (grabbing a significant part of its tiny territory) and, because there were no serious Western reactions, in 2014 Russia invaded and annexed Ukrainian Crimea. Again, the Obama administration did not respond appropriately so Russia invaded two Eastern Ukrainian regions (Luhansk and Donetsk).

During Trump’s presidency, Putin did not dare to move but, as soon as Biden was established in the White House, Russia started preparing for a big war against Ukraine. His ultimate goal isn’t to destroy the Ukrainian state; it’s to liquidate Ukrainians as a nation. (In the Russian narrative, Ukrainians are “under-Russians,” or “unfinished Russians.”)

Biden’s semantic discussion about the differences between “incursion” and “invasion” of Ukraine gave Putin the green light. The Democratic administration did everything for Putin to win: from signaling that his “incursion” would be tolerated to the indecent move of the American embassy out of Kyiv on February 14 (ten days before the invasion; the embassy is still not in Kyiv, as far as I know) to the even more indecent proposal for Zelensky to flee the country.

The Bidenites wanted Ukraine delivered to Putin on a silver platter. Let it be emphasized: Biden has a weighty personal reason to want to destroy Zelensky’s government because the Ukrainians possess documents that constitute evidence of both Bidens’ financial and political misdeeds in Ukraine. Unfortunately for Biden, the Ukrainian bravery, Zelensky’s firmness, and Russian incompetence thwarted his plans.

As well, cowardly, sleeping Europe suddenly woke to see the Russian bear attacking. Especially alarmed were Poland and the Baltic states, but also Finland and Sweden, and even Germany (whose government has been bought and wrapped by Russia, with Biden’s blessing). Great Britain, although not immediately threatened, has an intelligent and strong leader who is capable of foreseeing a couple of next steps, so it took drastic measures to support—that is, to arm—Ukraine.

Image: Democrats and President Zelensky. YouTube screen grab.

The Bidenites, meanwhile, followed Lenin’s slogan: “If you cannot stop a hostile movement, try to head it!” (I grant them the independence of this discovery: I don’t think they read a lot....) They rushed to make a show of their support. Pelosi in Kyiv—what can be more disgusting and treacherous! But the reality being what it is, Biden’s Democrat administration must do whatever is within its reach to manifest support for democracy against barbarism.

Ukraine is not a paragon country (i.e., a democratic nation without corruption and well organized). There’s no doubt that fundamental criticisms could be leveled at her government and the leading elites. Currently, though, this is irrelevant. Ukraine is valiantly fighting against the worst enemy our civilization has seen since Hitler and Stalin.

During WWII, the Allies actively helped, and strongly collaborated with, the Stalinist Soviet Union—a country that was politically and morally hardly any better than Nazi Germany. But the main goal was to annihilate Hitler’s Germany and, to achieve this goal, one had to accept Stalin. The Allies had quite a different problem interacting with the USSR after the victory—here the Allies (mostly because of President Roosevelt, a Democrat) made a terrible mess. This scenario should not be repeated now.

The last problem is Putin’s nuclear blackmail. If he succeeds with this, he will attack Europe and his blackmail will reach another, higher level. Sooner or later Russia, if it wins in Europe, will come after North America, exactly as Hitler had planned. Therefore, it’s suicide to show fear. Today, Russia is weak enough but, in 10 years (if she still exists in the same shape), she will be much stronger. That will probably be with the West’s help. Germany and France were selling Russians the parts and pieces for their missiles—in spite of official sanctions—up to the end of this February.

In sum, we must understand that we, all of the West, are fighting WWIV against a rogue Communist-Nazi-Mafia country. We must be fearless if we do not want the Russian nuclear blackmail to continue. Most importantly, we must see through the Democrats’ maneuvering. They will go through the motions to look like genuine defenders of democracy, even as they go out of the way to violate the Constitution, destroy democracy in America, and establish an American version of a communist state.

They are traitors to the Constitution and America and must be treated as such—no matter what they do in Ukraine. This said, the war in Ukraine must be won!

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