The WaPo really had to reach this time to bash Israel

In The Washington Post article “Ahead of Biden visit, Israel launches biggest eviction of Palestinians in decades” (5/13/22), The Post sides with the Palestinians once again. Israel didn’t “launch” anything; it complied with the verdict of Israeli Courts, Courts that exist in all Democratic nations throughout the world. Further, these Courts include Arabs and Jews as judges.

Propagandists can “contend” whatever narrative they want but the Israeli Courts determined after an extensive review over years that the Arabs of Hebron illegally settled neighboring land - and that has to end. Homes built illegally in any part of the world are illegal, and the West Bank is no exception. Why does The Washington Post not accept this?

According to the Post article, the Israeli defense force stated: “The Supreme Court fully accepted the State Of Israel’s position, and ruled that the petitioners were not permanent residents of the area,” the statement said. “The court also noted that the petitioners rejected any attempted compromise offered to them.”

What is the purpose of this non-news article other than to disparage Israel?

Image via Pixy.

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