The value of abortion

The abortion issue deserves a deeper perspective than is currently being offered. Democrats insist that abortion is a human right but there’s something much more pragmatic going on here. Given how our welfare society is causing a population collapse, with people having fewer children, why is there a high-pressure campaign to force this brutal procedure into our legal system? It must be very important to produce so many dead babies—and it is. The reason is simple: money.

Our society has reached the point at which, through lack of intellectual clarity and cognitive ability, Americans fail to see that, in many ways, abortion at its essence is equivalent to slavery. Slavery is a profitable system for those who are not slaves.

American businesses profit greatly if they can prevent women from leaving the workforce due to pregnancy-related issues or to care for their young children. When those children are snapped out of existence, their deaths enrich those who require uninterrupted and cheap labor.

Women, particularly single women, are cheaper to employ than men, not because they are paid less, but because they are more malleable and less demanding out of fear of job loss, while men have always been more demanding – perhaps due to testosterone or perhaps due to the need to support a whole family unit. Many single working mothers are compelled to seek an abortion to save their lives and livelihoods.

This is one of the core reasons behind the left’s ideological opposition to the nuclear and extended family. Charges of heartless patriarchy are a crock because there also exists an abundance of heartless matriarchy.

Image: Money by jcomp; baby by mdjaff.

Without standard families, neither men nor women feel compelled to make long-term demands on society to benefit their offspring. Fewer children mean lower societal expenses (e.g., education) to ready workers for the marketplace. It’s far better to import adults from impoverished nations who have lower expectations than it is to raise children who, at least until this generation, have been told they have rights in a just society. Americans have been too expensive for a generation or more as we can see from the outsourcing of IT jobs to India and manufacturing to China.

Therefore, we must conclude that abortion is an aspect of slavery. The manipulation of birthing patterns is evident in both the classic slavery of world and American history and today’s slavery in China, India, and the rest of Southeast Asia and Africa.

Once raising families is no longer the main concern in structuring society, the only visible metric left is who profits from cheap labor. When family life is not the undisputed center of human existence, human labor becomes a commodity, subject to the same reasoning as commodity production. When corn takes too much nitrogen and is, therefore, too expensive to grow profitably, farmers switch to soybeans that require less nitrogen. When one group of people’s labor is too expensive, those with power in society switch to a less expensive group.

In today’s warped society, the elites’ bottom line demands a less expensive system than growing indigenous American families, so families become expendable. The only means we have of competing with bottom line profits is, once again, placing the family and its expenses at the center of life, with the measure of policy success coming to include the strengthening of classic families. Then ‘cui bono’ would come to include families caring for their children as a baseline societal presumption rather than being seen as an impediment to profit!

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