The real stakes of 2022

Although we have elected representatives, do we really have representation?

Although 62% of Americans object to males competing in women's sports, the Biden administration still plans to "rewrite" Title IX to permit males to compete in women's sports and make it illegal to prevent it.  A clear majority of Americans want to protect women's sports, but the Biden administration is determined to destroy women's sports.  So much for representation.

And although more than two thirds of Americans believed that getting the COVID-19 vaccine should have been voluntary, the Biden administration fought to make the vaccine mandatory.

The U.S. Army recently began discharging soldiers who refused the COVID-19 vaccine.

Unvaccinated private-sector employees would have faced similar discrimination had the Supreme Court not voted 6-3 to strike down the Biden-OSHA mandates, which would have required unvaccinated employees at companies with 100-plus employees to wear masks and be subjected to weekly testing.

We also recently learned that the Biden administration actively encouraged states to use COVID relief money to push Critical Race Theory in schools.  The administration pushed CRT even though a majority of Americans hold a negative view of CRT.

But the problem with the Biden administration and the Democrat party isn't simply that their agenda is unpopular; the problem is that it's also often unconstitutional.

For example, last August, Biden attempted to use the CDC to extend the federal eviction moratorium.  Biden even admitted that his administration's actions were illegal, but said he didn't care.  "Constitutionally, the bulk of the constitutional scholarship says that it's not likely to pass constitutional muster," Biden said, but "at a minimum, by the time it is litigated, we'll probably give some additional time[.]"

The Biden administration has tried time and time again to use unelected bureaucrats and bureaucracies to circumvent the constitutional constraints placed upon the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of our government.

While the Biden administration unsuccessfully attempted to use OSHA to enforce its unconstitutional vaccine mandates in the private sector, it successfully utilized the CDC to enforce its unconstitutional mask mandate on public transportation until a federal judge in Florida finally struck it down after the Biden administration attempted to extend the mandate.

But the Biden administration isn't relying solely on pre-existing unelected bureaucracies to violate the Constitution.

Most recently, the Biden administration moved to eviscerate Americans' First Amendment right to free speech via the establishment of its partisan "Disinformation Governance Board."  The Biden administration intends to use the unelected, taxpayer-funded Department of Homeland Security to stamp out free speech.

The Biden administration and Democrats are growing increasingly panicked over the likelihood that they will lose majorities in both the House and Senate this November in the midterm elections.

American voters correctly hold the Biden administration and Democrats responsible for soaring energy costs, inflation, and the imminent recession.

Rather than abandon their radical leftist agenda, acknowledge their failures, and implement policies, which will lower energy prices, reduce inflation, and improve Americans' lives, the Democrats have instead decided to double down and parrot propaganda, which is intended to shield them from accountability and rally Americans to support their failed agenda.  The problem for Democrats is that American voters aren't buying it.

Lies can't compete with truth, and propaganda is effective in a vacuum.  The Biden administration's newly established "Disinformation Governance Board" is intended to discredit truth and validate lies.

The Democrats can't convince the American people that two plus two equals five or that Putin is responsible for inflation so long as Americans are permitted to state unequivocally that two plus two equals four and the San Francisco Federal Reserve to blame Biden's "American Rescue Plan" for inflation.

Our First Amendment right to free speech is anathema to leftist tyrants, who rely upon deception to seize and retain power.  The Democrats' "Disinformation Governance Board" is their latest and boldest effort to eradicate an unalienable right, intended to prevent tyranny from engulfing our nation.

George Washington warned of this in his Farewell Address.  "Promote then, as an object of primary importance institutions for the general diffusion of knowledge," Washington wrote.  "In proportion as the structure of a government gives force to public opinion, it is essential that public opinion should be enlightened."

Two hundred twenty-six years after Washington issued his warning, the Biden administration and the Democrat party are attempting to prevent the general diffusion of knowledge and ensure that Americans live in ignorance.  But a reckoning is coming, if not already here.

Nearly 250 years after the colonists enumerated their grievances against King George III, Americans are enumerating their grievances against the corrupt Biden Regime.  But unlike the Founding Fathers, who fought to establish a Constitution, Americans at present are fighting to protect our existing Constitution.

Image credit: Tumisu, Pixabay license.

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