The anti-liberty left is the party of disinformation

Censorship always does the opposite of its advertised goal: instead of eliminating disinformation, it enhances it. 

You really must wonder why the anti-liberty left tends to walk into logical brick walls.  At least as of late, they've gone full tilt on the practice, pursuing certain trends and then turning around and condemning them.  They are like the "Sideshow Bob" character from the Simpsons, walking into a rake at every turn.

In the most recent case, they went and decided that disinformation is the existential threat of our time.  Makes you wonder why they would want to highlight an issue in which they are the worst offenders.  We realize that it's like the old saying: when you point a finger at someone else, three are pointing back at you.  Almost the entirety of the anti-liberty left's socialist national agenda is based on false narratives and propaganda, so why would you want to shout at everyone and bring attention to it?

The anti-liberty leftists are the actual purveyors of propaganda, the masters of misinformation, and the legendary leaders in lies.  Keeping track of the near-constant stream of disinformation they emit daily is a daunting task.  Think of this as just a snapshot to prove a point.  We could make this as long as is needed; the hard part is going to be what to exclude.  We fully realize we're just pointing out what is obvious to anyone paying attention, but it could be an inspiration for others to do a daily inventory of "democratic" disinformation.  Easier than shooting fish in a barrel.  After all, these are people who scream that we must "follow the science" and lecture the rest of us on scientific accuracy but have to Quietly Scrub Abortion Bill Language Saying Men Can Get Pregnant — oops!

We might as well start with the most glaring example: the sheer hysteria over the Supreme Court leak.  They are making all manner of claims that civil rights are under attack, even though Alito's leaked opinion disproves them.  Don't forget that these are the same authoritarian control freaks who falsely claim they are "liberal" (as in favoring individual liberty and free trade).  As in the title of the Politico piece: what falls after Roe?  Liberals warn of a privacy rights nightmare.  Who have spent the last few years diligently working to shred the Bill of Rights.  Trust uswe could fill page after page of examples of their attacks because we've been compiling them for years now.  Those are just a few links to some of the more egregious examplesto date.

But the topper in all of this on the abortion issue is that they show they are illiterate as well.  In a piece entitled "Klobuchar Says Leaked SCOTUS Draft Opinion Overturning Roe Is 'Taking Us Back to the 1850s,'" there is this statement from a presumably learned United States senator:  

"This is 50 years of rights in a leaked opinion where Justice Alito is literally not just taking us back to the 1950s, he's taking us back to 1850s. He actually cites the fact that abortion was criminalized back when the 14th Amendment was adopted," Klobuchar said during an appearance on ABC's This Week.

Literally?  What's that saying from The Princess Bride?  You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.  Does that mean that Supreme Court justice Alito is going to conjure up a giant DeLorean and take us all back in time? 

Then, to finish this up, frankly speaking, it could go on forever, because the anti-liberty left will keep on spewing disinformation forever.  There is this with the implication that El Presidente Biden is going to try to blame the inflation he caused on the GOP: "Biden targets GOP on inflation as prices skyrocket."  The piece goes on to talk about our dear leader buying votes and exploiting a crisis he caused.  Even worse, this vote-buying will cause even more inflation; isn't that nice?

You would never guess, but this speech has already been debunked, by no less than the Washington Post.  It doesn't get any worse than when your team calls you out for openly trafficking in disinformation.  Can you imagine what the head of the Ministry of Truth, the Mary Poppins of misinformation, thinks about that?

One last point to ponder. Always consider the reasons behind the amendments in the Bill of rights.  One of the main purposes of the 1st Amendment was to dispel lies and false narratives with an open discussion of what is the factual truth of any matter.  A government that can control speech is a government that can lie with impunity and a government with a ministry of truth can set those lies in stone.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, and the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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