Roe v. Wade, a self-aborting decision

In 1973, regarding the Roe v. Wade decision, I wrote:

“How in heaven’s name – I could not believe it – could the Supreme Court yield to the pressure of moral degenerates and allow the murder of children by declaring abortion legitimate and legal in Roe v. Wade! This act of brutality against nature, God, and humanity – a stab in the heart of justice – would arouse the anger of millions of Americans. This treachery against life and against justice was and would remain intolerable to the vast majority of citizens. The knowledge of both atheist and religious people, held over two millennia, that abortion is murder, an abomination in every moral system, therefore dead wrong in every context of jurisprudence, was about to be tossed to the wind.”

Well, now that the boomeranging mistake of the Court has come back to haunt it, I ask: Who are the responsible “ambassadors of hell” who salivate when babies are terminated before they have a chance to draw their first breath out of the womb, and who rage with fire against anyone who would stop the brutality of aborting babies?

Spare me – I’ve heard all the arguments, in sickening abundance. But I’m still waiting for proof that deliberate abortion isn’t a form of homicide. That proof will never come because there isn’t any. Forgive the bluntness: all who sanction killing babies in the womb are comfortable with evil and must accept whatever comes with that stand.

Anthony J. DeBlasi is a veteran and culture warrior.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License


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