Regarding the Uvalde shooter, are we really being told the truth?

Where was Salvador Ramos born? Early reports say he was from North Dakota. North Dakota is a big state. In what town in North Dakota was the future mass killer born? Where is a copy of his North Dakota birth certificate? How about a baptism certificate?

I took Mr. LoCascio’s Critical Thinking class in high school in 1970 AD. This class taught us to question sources and not to believe everything we read.

In this era of “fake news” and disinformation, I think it is fair to ask the question, “Where was Salvador Ramos born?”

We’ve learned that the initial reports by police about the shooting are not accurate. As the leftists run with this story, obviously anxious to confiscate every privately owned gun in America, I believe we should recall what Friar Laurence said to Romeo when he was so anxious to marry Juliet. “Wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast.”

Image: Salvador Ramos (edited).

The gun grabbers don’t care about the facts; they want to strip law-abiding citizens of their primary means of self-defense. For them, this can’t happen too quickly. As the former mayor of Chicago famously said, “Never let a crisis go to waste!”

Let me offer a hypothetical. What if Salvador Ramos is from North Dakota, Mexico? What if he is from North Dakota, Guatemala? Or North Dakota, Honduras?

America is sick and tired of the invasion aided and abetted by the Swamp in D. C. What would happen if we learned that our latest mass killer entered America illegally? What president and what party would get the blame?

I realize that I will be labeled as racist and xenophobic for voicing these questions, but I suspect I am asking what many others are wondering.

If Ramos is from south of the border, leftists will have a tough time pinning this latest fiasco on Trump. Didn’t he warn us about the folks flooding into this country? Wasn’t his election in 2016 a sign that Americans want a sensible immigration policy?

The silence about Salvador Ramos’s origins is deafening. Politicians are making statements, retracting statements, and making new statements about his recent history. Meanwhile, the police are trying to get their facts straight. Our 365-day/24-hour news cycles are rehashing and speculating like crazy to give us narratives and explain why Ramos did what he did. Will we ever get the truth?

A good place to start would be: Where was Salvador Ramos born?

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