Pelosi, Schiff, McGovern bring a bad smell to Ukraine

In a sign that Ukraine's just war for survival against Russian attack is growing more partisan-politicized and subject to domestic U.S. politics, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has turned up in Kyiv, along with six other extremely rabid leftist Democrats. The junketeers met with Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky, who welcomed them warmly, as he always does with assorted political pilgrims these days.

According to the Daily Mail:

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has led a congressional delegation to Kyiv to meet with Ukraine's president before heading to Poland for talks with officials there on Sunday.

Pelosi, a California Democrat who is second in line to the presidency after the vice president, is the most senior American lawmaker to visit Ukraine since Russia's war began more than two months ago. Her visit to Kyiv on Saturday marks a major show of continuing support for the country's struggle against Moscow.

The roster of dishonor is here:

The full congressional delegation included Democratic Reps. Gregory Meeks of New York who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee; Adam Schiff, of California who chairs the House Intelligence Committee; Jim McGovern of Massachusetts who chairs the House Rules Committee; Jason Crow of Colorado; Barbara Lee of California; and Bill Keating of Massachusetts.

'You all are welcome,' Zelensky told the delegation.

Which was weird stuff. Start with the fact that this wasn't Joe Biden or his wretched vice president, Kamala Harris, who were doing the visiting. Nor was it Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who presumably should be handing this kind of diplomacy. These were the most partisan of legislative hacks, some of them way down on the totem pole, with absolutely no claim nor right to be practicing diplomacy. Presumably, they were there to go fact-finding, as congressional delegations do, but in this meeting, there were "talks." 

In other words, the visit was not a mere photo-op for show, to demonstrate how "brave" these Democrats are to go to rocket-hit Kyiv, in other words. The Mail reported that there was a three-hour meeting between the congressional clowns and Ukraine's President Zelensky.

That House intelligence committee chief Adam Schiff was there, with the rather helpful-to-Putin-to-know news that the U.S. was sharing intelligence and would continue to share intelligence with Ukraine was broadcasted out as one thing. But is a guy like Schiff really interested in Ukraine? The Hollywood-area congressman doesn't have a lot of Ukraine-descended constituents in his district and tends to hang around creatures like the now-convicted pervert Ed Buck. Schiff was never about Ukraine. Schiff's put out no policy papers, taken no unusual stances. His interest in Ukraine as chief of the House intelligence committee has resided in one area -- in his failed efforts to impeach President Trump, and these days to keep him from running for re-election in 2024. Which might mean a visit to warn Zelensky to be a useful tool in this. After all, there are no phone transcripts of these meetings -- in-person meetings under the label of congressional delegations can be quite useful in this regard. Did they warn or threaten Zelensky to play the obedient puppet in Schiff's ongoing mission to Get Trump or no more aid? Don't be surprised if that is what happened.

 The all-Democrats structure of this congressional junket definitely points to some partisan political aim.

Public statements, after all, have been about President Zelensky thanking the representatives for the billions in aid.

But, isn't U.S. support for Ukraine a bi-partisan affair in U.S. Congress? Haven't nearly all Republicans and Democrats voted for any multi-billion-dollar aid package that Joe Biden has requested? There've been several of them since February.

How passing strange that only the most partisan Democrats were included on this junket, with zero Republicans?

 Something substantial went on and it was important that no Republicans were included in it.

Other repellent Democrats on this junket included Jim McGovern, who like Sean Penn, is famous for his support for Hugo Chavez who destroyed Venezuela with Putin's support. McGovern is a classic Sandalista leftist, glomming onto any violent or oppressive Latin American communist he can find until the disaster that results gets too big. He turned up in the captured computer of a notorious FARC leader blown away by the Colombian military in 2006 as a wonderful ally of the Marxist narcoterrorists. He was a big fan of the Marxist Sandinistas of Nicaragua, who turned that country into a socialist hellhole through the 'miracle' of fraudulent elections, as did McGovern's hero, Big Hugo in Caracas. 

Now Zelensky, who's fighting for his country's independence and freedom, is his new Sandalista target of support? It's like Sean Penn who's loudly supported Ukraine to sell a documentary he's making. But Zelensky hanging out with a creature inevitably makes Ukraine's war less pure and makes one wonder where it's going once Ukraine wins its war and casts the Russian bear out.

There's also Pelosi -- the most partisan creature in Congress, with some senility issues same as Joe Biden. What did she demand of Zelensky in exchange for her visit -- was it statements from Zelensky that Trump was a bad guy? Was it protection for Hunter Biden, whose business dealings in Ukraine are getting more politically problematic for Joe than ever as the facts roll out? Nancy Pelosi has been the tightest of allies with doddering Joe Biden and would clearly be willing to save his presidency if she could.

With billions of dollars at stake for Ukraine, it might be very hard for Zelensky to not take an offer he can't refuse from her. We all know that Joe Biden used such leverage when he got the Ukrainian prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden's business dealings fired, with a mere billion-dollar aid package at stake. Joe even bragged about it. Pelosi plays a much harder game than corrupt Joe, and might just be there to squeeze Zelensky harder.

What a foul smell this leaves in Kyiv.

Right now we don't know what's going on as nothing but photo op palaver has been revealed. The American people, though, do have a right to know. Maybe it will take November's midterm results to sort this out. But the stench is there. 

Image: Screen shot from France24 video, via YouTube

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