Paying $4.20 for gas

Years ago, I remember going with my late father to a gas station around our home and paying like 20 cents a gallon.  We had lived in the U.S. for a couple of years, and my father used to have fun explaining the "gas price wars" between gasoline stations.  It's capitalism, my father would say.  My dad would hand the young man a $5 bill and say "fill it up, and keep the change."  Today, I filled up my tank at $4.20 a gallon and still cannot believe when almost $50 came out of my debit card.  I couldn't help but think of the lady who said on TV that she does not have enough money to fill her tank and feed her family.  I believe it!

Apparently, we need to get used to $4 gas now that "the moderate" is in office.  Am I the only one who remembers those days before we had this massive increase in gas prices?  I recall quite well spending $25, not $50, to fill up my reliable little car.

According to NBC News:

Gas prices are nearing a record high, up 14 cents from last week pushing the national average to $4.33 per gallon.

Naturally, the voters are overwhelmed by this economy, according to Harry Enten:

The No. 1 issue is the economy, and nothing else is even close. Half of all respondents (50%) said it was the most important issue. The next closest was the war between Russia and Ukraine at 14%.

The article goes on:

Unfortunately for Biden and the Democrats, the problem is getting worse. In December, 45% believed Biden's policies had worsened things. You could imagine a universe in which that percentage was survivable politically. 

But when 50% think the economy is the top issue and 55% think your policies have made things worse, that's very difficult to overcome.

As we learned during 1980, gasoline prices and the economy quickly become a problem for the incumbent.  Sooner or later, people begin to see President Biden's face every time the pump keeps going from $10 to $20 to $30 to $40 and $50.  It's a horrible thing to watch because it's your money coming out of that blue debit card.  "He did that" goes from being a funny internet joke to a big hole in your wallet.

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Image: Daniel Christensen.

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