Overturning Roe

The Roman historian and polytheist Tacitus considered the Jews depraved for not killing their weak, ill, or deformed babies.  He and his hard, steely cold, and immoral value system died away.  It was replaced by the Judeo-Christian concept of the sanctification of all human life.  But, as the God of the Bible has been under vicious attack in the West for decades, Tacitus is back in full force — especially among our "progressives," who lead us back down to this moral perversity.  Our kids can shout out their abortions in our leftist government-run public schools but will be expelled if they stand and say, "May God protect all innocent human life."

Our elite, our college professors, leftist media, and Hollywood figures have replaced our precious, life-affirming, God- and Bible-based American and Western values with a throwback pagan death culture.  Legions of non-orthodox Christian and Jewish clergy, our purveyors of God's word, are all in with the smashing of our American moral compass.  They exchange the centurion's sharp sword that hacked down the crippled boy or girl of ancient times with the icy, sterile steel of the modern abortionist's knife, tearing apart millions of innocent babies.  And then, like Macbeth's wife, they try to wash away the dastardly deed with the anodyne words of "a choice," "a woman's right," and "reproductive health care."  Tens of millions of American boys and girls have lost their lives in this woke, progressive, pagan frenzy of mass killing.

With the leak of the draft of the Supreme Court decision on Roe, we have hope that the rule of law, basic human decency, and core Judeo-Christian morality will prevail in parts of America.  No, the dismembering and disemboweling of living boys and girls will not be curtailed by ending the unconstitutional and immoral decision of Roe, but at least millions of these children will be saved in American states, red ones, as they bring back through the democratic process basic protection of innocent human life.

Overturning Roe will return some moral justice, light, and basic goodness to this once almost completely God-fearing America.  It will re-emphasize the logic and moral truth that slaughtering children up until the ninth month is not a moral good, a woman's right, a time to light up the Empire State Building for a big high-five, or simply a choice.  It is a barbaric notion that has done diabolical harm for decades to our land and culture.

Exodus notes that "God is a warrior." May His warring spirit gird the justices for the onslaught and fury of the death cult of the "progressive" leftist mob to do the right, the moral thing, the Christian, Jewish, and American thing and overturn the moral depravity of Roe.

Image: John Stephen Dwyer.

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