Our government's Executive Branch is deliberately destroying liberty

Precisely because I was born in a Norman Rockwell painting and have already lived past my allotted span, it is exceedingly embarrassing and bitter to realize that, on my watch, the left has taken possession of the Democrat party and, through that party, has seized control of the Executive Branch of the federal government, which today constitutes the greatest existential enemy to the American Republic.  Nevertheless, there is a path back, and Justice Alito has provided the way.

We live in a bewildering time, not because events are unclear or cause and effect uncertain, but because the status quo is so jarring that we can hardly bring ourselves to face it: the Executive Branch of the United States government is waging war on the American nation.

And I mean that quite literally.  The Executive Branch is seeking to destroy the nation so the national elite can slip a slave collar around the neck of the American survivors, thus clearing the way for the international elite (Schwab, Gates, Xi, Soros, etc.) to slip a slave collar around the neck of the planet.

Image: Executive war on Congress (United States Capitol by Martin Falbisoner (CC BY-SA 3.0); flying saucer from pxfuel).

How are they destroying us? Let me count the ways.

1. Electoral Fraud.

A. 2000 Mules.

B. Electoral insurrection (treason).

2. Destruction of the Economy

A. Funding COVID development ("gain of function") in the Wuhan Lab, deliberate exaggeration of the COVID crisis, and COVID lockdowns.

B. Elimination of fossil fuels, creation of energy dependency, intentionally driving up gasoline prices, and pushing for electric cars.

C. Deliberately enhancing inflation.

D. Inviting unlimited immigration for cheap labor and Democrat voters.

E. Climate change hoax.

3. Destruction of the Family

A. Promoting abortion.

B. Promoting sexual perversion and transgenderism.

C. Using public education as a platform for sexual grooming and turning children against their parents' values.

4. Establishment of Federal Police State

A. FBI persecution of Mama Bears as "domestic terrorists."

B. Property destruction by government brownshirts.

C. COVID lockdown, so the U.S. is becoming "democracy with Chinese characteristics."

D. Corrupting the legal system by mob intimidation of the Supreme Court.

E. Government censorship of speech; classifying truth as "misinformation."

F. Breakdown of law and order.

G. Government efforts to disarm the public.

5. Destruction of the U.S. Military

A. Wokism.

B. Seeking war with Russia and China.

C. Mandated vaccinations.

No doubt readers can supply items to this list that I have omitted.  I aim only to be illustrative, not exhaustive.  But the point I drive at is this: from the president on down, the highest reaches of the Executive Branch of the federal government are hell-bent on destroying our nation, achieved primarily through means of the lie, implemented by distributing information in its three government flavors — mis, dis, and mal.

It will be no great surprise to readers of these pages that the Executive Branch has already made great progress toward its goal.  Chiefly, it has already established parity with, if not supremacy over, Congress with regard to legislative power.  How that happened is a story worth telling because it is applicable to today, and it points to a way back for the republic.

In 1935, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the legislative power the Constitution assigned to Congress was a "non-delegable duty" and, therefore, that Congress could not delegate it to an administrative agency.  Sensing the New Deal at risk, FDR retaliated with the threat of "court packing," intimidating the Court into a complete retreat that subsequently collapsed into a rout under the harassment of affirmative action, emanations, and penumbras.  Thus did the Executive Branch slip its constitutional leash and seize legislative power greater than that of Congress.

Aside: In his youth, Socrates was an Athenian soldier in the Peloponnesian War.  In Symposium (221 a-b), Plato credits Socrates with helping stem the rout into which the 424 B.C. Athenian retreat from Delium had collapsed, with heroics that Aristotle described in his Posterior Analytics (100 a 10) as "first one man makes a stand and then another until the original formation has been restored."

Today, Justice Alito, joined by five other justices, has made a stand to stem the constitutional rout with his commonsense doctrine that there can be no constitutional right outside the text of the Constitution unless the alleged right is both "deeply rooted in our national history and tradition" and is also "implicit in the concept of ordered liberty."  This doctrine proposes to restore constitutionalism to the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court.

Let us join Justice Alito in stemming the rout.

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