On her last day, Jen Psaki lies about Abbott's baby formula

When news of the baby formula shortage first became widely known, one of the main causes, we were told, was that Abbott, the company that manufactures the formula, had put tainted formula onto the marketplace, killing two infants and forcing the FDA to shut down its plant.  And indeed, that's exactly what Jen Psaki blamed during her final White House press conference before heading to MSNBC.  Abbott, however, pushed back hard, with facts supporting something Psaki knew or should have known: a federal investigation has shown it's innocent of the charge.

There are multiple reasons why there is a baby formula shortage in America.  The problem already began to make itself known last July thanks to the same supply chain issues affecting large swathes of America.  That did not trigger action from either Biden or Pete Buttigieg, the stunningly incompetent Transportation secretary and daddy to twins dependent on formula (unless they've done something really freaky with Chasten Glezman).

Image: Feeding a baby by shurkin_son.

When it comes specifically to Abbott, according to Tucker Carlson's Friday show, the main supplier of formula is the United States government.  That's because its WIC program, which provides supplemental foods for women, infants, and children, contracts with Abbott for baby formula.  There's no reason for the Biden administration not to have known that there was a slowdown.  Incidentally, because Abbott worked with the government, that relationship inevitably squeezed out the competition, making the market vulnerable if Abbott went offline.

And of course, there's the fact that the Biden administration has been diverting massive amounts of baby formula away from American parents to illegal aliens crossing over our southern border.  Again: The administration is letting American infants starve to ensure that illegal aliens are fed.

By contrast, here's a grocery store shelf in Wisconsin:

But back to Abbott.  It's true that the facility has been closed since the contamination scare.  What's also true is that the factory has been deemed clear of contaminants, but the FDA refuses to certify it for reopening.  Clearly, the government wants it closed.  Perhaps that's to have a scapegoat.  After all, on her last official day as press secretary, Psaki blamed the entire shortage (which goes back to last July) on the Abbott formula recall and plant closing:

Abbott, however, politely pointed out, without explicitly saying so, that Psaki is lying — and she must know she's lying because it's not a secret that there is no evidence whatsoever that Abbott's formula had anything to do with the babies' death:

If the Biden administration wants to help get formula on the market, it will tell the FDA to stop dragging its bureaucratic feet.

And yet it doesn't.  I keep wondering if the administration wants to push matters to a crisis point.  Food riots, especially revolving around starving babies, may be the thing that gets people so agitated that the Biden administration can declare martial law.

I can hear how paranoid and conspiratorial I sound.  Once, I would have slapped myself and said, "Stop fantasizing.  Get real!"  But after two years of lockdowns, race riots, vaccine mandates, stolen elections, gender insanity, and open borders, I'm sliding closer to believing that the current administration is capable of anything.

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