New York, the state in which COVID restrictions will never die

After all that we Americans have been through because of the CCP Flu pandemic, it may seem that the worst of the COVID restrictions and mandates is finally over.  Those who were fortunate enough to live in red/Republican states during those evil times never had to deal with the full weight of a tyrannical governor's boot on their necks.  Sadly, for those of us who reside in Demo-Marxist enclaves such as New York, our so-called "freedom" is turning out to be an illusion.

During the inglorious reign of King Cuomo, New Yorkers were subjected to some of the harshest restrictions and mandates in the USA.  Cuomo's successor, the equally loathsome Kathy Hochul, has proven to be no bargain, as she's shown herself to be even more enthusiastic about imposing whatever restrictions she can, the Constitution be damned.

Believe it or not, there is still a mask mandate in place for toddlers in New York City and, according to new "recommendations" from the city's health chief, there is now a mask "advisory" for indoor public settings.  This woman describes the horrors of masking the little ones (and you should read the replies as well):

But all this pales in comparison to the "Isolation and Quarantine Procedures" that the New York State Department of Health recently adopted.  What is happening in our state should serve as a cautionary tale for every other blue state.  This could very well happen in your state if it hasn't already.  Very few people, even those who are well informed, realize what's going on in the Legislature and Deep State bureaucracy, as the politicians do their dirty work under cover of darkness whenever possible.

Image: Masked preschoolers in New York.  YouTube screen grab.

Here is a summary of some of what is allowed under the new regulations: forced isolation and/or quarantine for persons diagnosed with or exposed to a communicable disease; forced isolation at home or in such other residential or temporary housing location that the public health authority deems appropriate; health authorities empowered to monitor persons being forcibly held and to coordinate with local law enforcement to ensure compliance; owners can be prevented from entering their property if it's being used as a quarantine facility; there are civil and criminal penalties for citizens who violate health authority "orders."

These quarantine regs are not new.  They were first proposed several years ago by Nick Perry, a Democrat assemblyman from Brooklyn, who introduced a bill that would have required votes from our elected representatives.  The bill went nowhere until Perry re-introduced it during the height of the pandemic fear frenzy, thinking (with good reason) that this would be the best chance the Dems would have to get it passed.

Luckily, the health freedom movement had blossomed, and resistance was fierce.  When the word got out that the "Gulag Bill" was once again on the table, the people came out and demonstrated against it with rallies and letter-writing campaigns.  Even the Democrats knew that forced isolation and quarantine facilities would be a bridge too far for their constituents, and the Legislature refused to have a debate on the matter.

It turned out that the bill had no support whatsoever, so it was stricken from the calendar.  We chalked this up as a victory for freedom and liberty, but, this being New York, our triumph was short-lived.  Instead of acceding to the will of the people and letting the hideous bill die in the Legislature, the bureaucrats in the Health Department did some fancy legal footwork and adopted the quarantine and isolation procedures as part of the Public Health Law they administer.

As it stands today, these grotesque regulations are effectively the law of the land in New York unless we can get a court to overturn them.  Luckily, a group of freedom fighters — the citizens' group Uniting NYS and a group of New York legislators — are suing New York governor Kathy Hochul, DOH commissioner Bassett, the Department of Health, and the Public Health & Health Planning Council over their illegal forced "Isolation and Quarantine" regulations.

The litigation is ongoing as I write this, and oral arguments will be held next week.  This is the first and only lawsuit of its kind in the entire nation, and it has received little to no coverage in the media.  We New Yorkers who treasure our freedom and our Constitution are working and praying that the legal team will be successful.  It is inconceivable that any American citizen could be forced to live under tyranny that is not at all different from what is now going on in Shanghai, China.

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