Liz Cheney, ally of the 'despicable Democrats'

The lead editorial in The Wall Street Journal, May 18, "The Massacre Blame Game," began by taking note of "the transparently political attempt by Democrats and their media allies to blame political opponents for the murderous rampage of Payton Gendron in Buffalo."  The editorial concluded by stating, forthrightly, "[e]xploiting a mass murder is despicable[.]"

Here is a story about one example of this egregious "Blame Game" that escaped the notice of The Wall Street Journal: use of the Buffalo tragedy by Liz Cheney to blame the House GOP leadership for "enabl[ing] white nationalism, white supremacy, and antisemitism." 

Attention should be paid the NBC News reference to Cheney as "R-Wyo."  One would hope that the (bizarre) reference to Cheney by the initial "R" did not immunize this political turncoat from the Journal's declaration that exploitation of a mass shooting is, indeed, "despicable."

Liz Cheney speaking in Buffalo (Wyoming) in 2013.

Four days after Cheney joined her Democrat allies in falsely blaming Republicans for the Buffalo tragedy, I have yet to read responses to her rabid remarks from the House GOP leadership — let alone her final expungement from the GOP House conference.  If the House Republican leadership fears the repercussions of her ouster from the party's House conference, is not some form of statement chiding Cheney's latest lies in order?

And if The Wall Street Journal is cognizant of the Democrat-media alliance to smear Republicans, how can it fail to note that Cheney is very much a part of the Democrat-media alliance to exploit Buffalo for political purposes?  Are we to believe that Cheney would put a positive twist to her false accusation that the House GOP leadership is made up of bigots?

Consider, also, a May 18 front-page headline in The New York Times: "Justice Dept. Is Said to Request Transcripts from Jan. 6 Inquiry." 

How long will it take for Cheney to urge prosecution of members of the House GOP leadership for conspiring to thwart the certification of the election of Joseph R. Biden, Jr.?  It will, arguably, be an act of political negligence for Republicans to ignore the trajectory of Cheney, from her support of the second impeachment of former President Trump to her present stance amidst the "despicable Democrats" who lunge at the opportunity to exploit, for the purpose of holding onto political power, the loss of ten lives.

And consider, further, that political polls generally concede that the voters are fed up with the incompetent yet self-serving actions of the Biden administration, fervently backed by Democrats in Congress and their media allies.  Why shouldn't the voters regard "despicable" propaganda from the Democrats as simply variation on a theme of blocking the democratic process?  And why shouldn't Cheney's readiness to promote egregious Democrat propaganda finally be the last political straw, for the GOP — and the editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal?

Photo credit: MilonicaCC BY-SA 3.0 license.

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