Kamala Harris train wreck continues, this time at ASEAN Summit

Vice President Kamala Harris was recently at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit when she suffered another verbal malfunction.

It occurred during an address to ASEAN leaders.  Kamala said the following:

We will work together, and will continue to work together, to address these issues, to tackle these challenges, and to work together as we continue to work ...

She periodically stared down while speaking as if referring to notes.  

Last month, America's foremost word salad chef, Kamala, had another catastrophic mess during a meeting with the Jamaican prime minister.  Harris raised eyebrows when she attempted to explain how the U.S. was going to assist the Caribbean nation with the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March, at the Munich Security Conference, Kamala Harris seemed to be at loss for words as she attempted to explain the crisis in Ukraine.  She began her exposition with "listen, guys" and continued to indiscriminately assemble words but failed to frame meaningful sentences.

Also in March, Kamala held a joint press briefing in Warsaw alongside Polish president Andrzej Duda.  For some inexplicable reason, Kamala burst out laughing when asked about the U.S.'s plans to accept Ukrainian refugees and struggled to provide a coherent answer.

Back in January, during an interview on NBC News, Craig Melvin asked Harris about Biden's failing strategy against COVID-19 and if any course correction was needed.  Describing Harris's answer as babble would have been a compliment.

Last October, Harris was slammed for her performance in a NASA YouTube video aimed at promoting science among young children.  It was eventually revealed that some in Kamala's audience were child actors.  Perhaps the makers of the video realized that only actors could feign interest in Kamala's inane utterances.  The video ended up being a vile affront to the glories of science and the wonders of space.

Last June, Harris struggled to answer a basic question about why she hasn't visited the border despite being tasked by her boss Joe Biden to address the crisis on the border.

There is a pattern in all her utterances.

Her body language projects tension and hesitation.  Her face looks listless, and her eyes often dart around the room cluelessly.  There is no poise or grace.  On occasion, she loses her temper and shows irritation.

She displays hesitation to speak, there are long pauses between words, there are stutters, and then there are those poorly timed giggles.  When she does read speeches from a teleprompter, it is delivered in a staccato manner that causes her to sound like a text-to-voice application that doesn't quite comprehend the words it is producing.

She fails to project any focus, vision, determination, and resoluteness, all of which are key to communications, especially during crisis situations.

Politics is often compared to showbiz because politicians are like actors when they make public appearances.  They have to be able to say their lines with the right emotions to reflect the situation.

During a funeral, the politician has to sound somber and reflective.  After a natural catastrophe or a terror attack, the politician has to project somberness but also resoluteness.  During war, the politician should be able to project confidence.  During a celebration, the politician must sound happy and full of fun.

Actors need good screenwriters, and politicians need good speechwriters.  A politician, like a movie star, should be relatable but also causes awe among his audience.

Even Winston Churchill's oratorical fireworks on the radio during World War 2 were performances.  He was like an actor doing a radio play.  He delivered the words he had written flawlessly with all the right emotions.  The result is that his speeches became defining moments during World War II.  They galvanized and heartened those fighting and enduring the perils and hardships of World War II. 

But Churchill's brilliance wasn't genius dropping from the heavens.  A lot of it was the result of Churchill burning the midnight oil.  Churchill was a master at many levels.  He was a master of his subject.  He drafted his speeches several times and wrote them out in a way that would help him deliver them effectively.  He rehearsed passages, often repeating them out loud until his speech was committed to memory.

Back to Kamala.

She is educated and has almost two decades of experience in politics.  Usually, experience teaches even the talentless how to function or at least pretend to function. 

It has to be remembered that Kamala has access to the best subject matter experts, public speaking coaches, and strategists.  All she has to do is summon these experts, who would happily enlighten her prior to any public appearances.  They could even train her to tackle tough questions and how to sound articulate without saying much.

Most human beings have pounced on such an opportunity for self-improvement.  Alas, that doesn't seem to be the case with Kamala.  Her constant verbal gaffes prove her lack of interest and her unwillingness to apply herself, which are the worst qualities a leader could have.

If Kamala Harris worked in the private sector, she would have been warned and sacked after being a habitual offender.  But government exists to promote and support the incompetent, the inept, and the complacent.

Why, then, did Biden's handlers choose Kamala Harris as his running mate?

Obviously, somebody among Biden's well-wishing handlers saw Kamala for what she was: extraordinarily incompetent, astoundingly incurious, and unusually inarticulate.  They knew that upon her selection, she was celebrated for her skin pigment and her sex.

They needed to expose her incompetence as soon as possible, and so they gave her tough assignments that involved public speaking.  Soon, all confidence in her was shattered.  

It was mission: accomplished for Biden's handlers.  Kamala made doddering old Biden, who struggles even to recall the names of his colleagues, look like the bright one.

She presents no threat whatsoever to Joe Biden and has made him unimpeachable.

It was a cynical but astute political move.

Sadly, the world will have to put up with myriad more word salads as Kamala makes the U.S. appear incompetent, uncaring, and unreliable. 

There was a time when parents compelled their children to listen to speeches made by the president and the vice president.  It was part of children's education.  They learned about history and current affairs.  They also expanded their vocabulary and learned the art of public speaking.  Biden and Harris have ensured that those days are over.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab (cropped).

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