It’s clear Salvador Ramos was mentally sick, so why wasn’t he stopped?

As details emerge about the massacre at Robb Elementary School, we are learning that the suspected shooter, Salvador Ramos, showed obvious signs of severe mental illness and instability.

In a photo circulating across social media, Ramos stands in front of a mirror posing for a selfie. His demeanor is feminine and hypersexual – pouty lips and a shirt provocatively exposing his bare chest. Although this sort of behavior should be an obvious red flag, in a world of political correctness and leftist immorality, so few bat an eye, and innocent lives are irreparably shattered.

As is most often the case with shooting rampages, the suspects are known to authorities, and the alarm was sounded – Salvador Ramos was no different.

According to Santos Valdez Jr., a former friend, Ramos had previously cut his face up with a knife “just for fun” and was known to shoot at random people with BB guns. Other classmates recalled he ‘cut himself’ saying, “I like how it looks.” Nadia Reyes, a high school acquaintance, said Ramos posted videos to social media documenting domestic fights with his mother as law enforcement was present.

With all these very clear and glaring warning signs, why wasn’t this tragedy prevented? After all, the FBI budget request for 2023 is nearly $11 billion, and if they have time and generous amounts of taxpayer dollars to expend on investigating a garage pull, they should be able to identify real threats.

Arguably, the failure to act is largely due to living in a debauched culture of leftism – one that glorifies mental illness as ‘living your truth’, and where morality is perversely inverted – particularly in terms of sexuality. Exhibitions of violence and hypersexual behavior ought to be indicative of a struggling youth – but under “progressive” leftism, we live in a world of excusing violent crime to avoid racial crime statistics, as well as the sexual torture of prepubescent children.

The frequency and lethality of school shootings are sometimes described as a ‘uniquely American crisis’ – however, since the inception of these United States, citizens have owned guns (and lots of them). The sharp rise of indiscriminate murderous behavior is directly tied to a culture given over to a reprobate mind.



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