Illegals mass at the border in anticipation of Biden's plan to scrap Title 42

Illegal aliens, like anyone else out there, respond to incentives.

Joe Biden's plan to end Title 42, the one measure that kept some illegal migrants out on COVID concerns, is one whopping incentive.

Because what we see right now are some amazing responses to the incentive to skip the immigration line and just walk in without authorization among the would-be illegals.

Start with this:

Seems the shelters are filling up at the border city of Juarez outside El Paso.

There's also this related news item — in some places along the border, they're setting up camps now. According to the Associated Press:

MEXICO CITY — Mexican authorities said Tuesday they have relocated a migrant camp that sprung up in a park in the border city of Reynosa, moving about 2,000 people from Central American and Haiti to a shelter in the city, across the border from McAllen, Texas.

The camp of migrants mainly from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Haiti sprung up after U.S. officials. citing the pandemic, invoked a a health rule that denies migrants a chance to seek asylum.

Obviously, there's some kind of crisis going on.  Or more specifically, there's some kind of incentive being dangled before the migrants:

They know that when Joe drops the COVID restrictions that can get an illegal migrant sent back before he has a chance to file a phony asylum claim, the border will be open.  The only thing an illegal migrant needs to do to get in will be to declare a need for political asylum, as if every last one of these illegals is out there organizing a campaign against the government they voted for in their home country and now getting tortured for it, never wanting to see their homeland again.  Give us a break.

Obviously, they know that illegal immigration is about to get easier, much easier.  Homeland Security data suggest that as many as 18,000 illegal migrants per day will pour into our country after Joe dumps COVID restrictions.

What's more, expectations are high.  Way too high — the migrants are demanding to be let in as a "right" now, or they will get violent:

With illegals massing and getting impatient, it's pretty obvious that some kind of loss-leader offer, some kind of Walmart "Black Friday" deal, is in the offing.  The Department of Homeland Security claims the new surge could be as high as 18,000 people a day, but who's to say it will be only 18,000? 

Last year, a Gallup poll found that 42 million people in Latin America alone, never mind the rest of the world, would like to move to the U.S. permanently.  Here's that story, emphasis mine:

There are 33 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Roughly 450 million adults live in the region. Gallup asked them if they would like to move to another country permanently if they could.

A whopping 27% said "yes."

This means roughly 120 million would like to migrate somewhere.

Gallup then asked them where they would like to move.

Of those who want to leave their country permanently, 35% — or 42 million — said they want to go to the United States.

Seekers of citizenship or asylum are watching to determine exactly when and how is the best time to make their move.

That last sentence says a lot.  Seems they've "determined exactly" now that Joe plans to dump Title 42.  And they are getting ready.  The only person who isn't is Joe Biden himself.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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