'I could have killed you': Mother coos satanic lullaby to infant daughter

With the possibility that baby murder will be available only in certain states instead of federally sanctioned, the demonic occupation within the pro-abortion crowd is more evident than ever.

In a video posted to TikTok, a young mother holds her newborn daughter after a feeding.  The little girl has hiccups and stares up at her mommy's eyes, listening to her gentle sounds.  But this precious child doesn't realize what her mother is saying.

In an effort to justify child sacrifice by wrapping it in the phrase "a woman's choice," she coos, "I could have killed you, but I chose to let you live."  The woman then turns to the camera, iterating to the viewer that abortion is entirely a woman's choice, and mocks those who, understandably, found the video highly disturbing.

Her behavior and response are completely consistent with reality.  Morality is objective, and therefore what's right is always right, and what's wrong is always wrong — regardless of culture, religious beliefs, or emotion.  Human life is sacred, so to end the life of an innocent person is murder.  Abortion is always murder, and there are no justifications.

When somebody embraces the idea that a mother can dispose of a life she finds inconvenient or simply doesn't want, there is no end to the depths of that person's wickedness.  As soon as American culture capitulated to the satanic influence of slaughtering children for [insert arbitrary reason], those who supported abortion went from promoting it as "safe, legal and rare" to "it's always a woman's choice."

Here's the bottom line: when we compromise on life, we are opening a Pandora's box for leftist immorality.  The legalization of abortion led to women's "sexual liberation" and "empowerment," resulting in the breakdown of nuclear families — the most foundational pillar of a strong and healthy society — creating fatherless homes.  The absence of masculine fathers in a two-parent household is arguably the root cause of nearly every societal ill our country faces — homosexuality, hyper-sexualized children, crime rates, mental illness, etc.  Supporting abortion doesn't end there; rather, it opens the door for societal obliteration.

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