House Republican 5 should defy the Jan. 6 committee subpoenas

The following assertion appeared in a Politico article on unprecedented action by the "Jan. 6" inquisitorial cabal issuing subpoenas to members of Congress: "The panel believes that these five GOP lawmakers have insight into Donald Trump's effort to overturn the 2020 election, an effort they say amounts to a coup attempt."  

Note the accusation by the inquisitorial panel that President Trump made "a coup attempt."  This is an example of projection of the left of its own mindset and conduct onto its political targets.  What was the conduct of the left — ranging from false accusations that Donald Trump was a Putin puppet, including the base and baseless Steele dossier to vows of resistance, including an aberrant impeachment trial in 2019, and culminating in an impeachment farce post-Trump presidency in 2021 — if not a series of coup attempts?

And still the attempt at an anti-Trump coup continues — by means of the Jan. 6 inquisition, not to mention the plethora of actions brought by various prosecutors against the former president — apparently for the purpose of preventing a third presidential run by Mr. Trump and, in all likelihood, to block a seismic political shift this November to GOP control of House and Senate.

The left's inquisition against Donald J. Trump and MAGA adherents is laughingly seen as the work of "progressives."  But what is "progressive" about the totalitarian context of the left's program?  (One hesitates to call it "Biden's program," as he seems simply the left's useful tool to put finis to the liberty-loving spirit that gave birth to this Republic.)  The label the left applies to itself may well be "progressive," but the reality is that their program, hearkening back to pre-representative government days, is fiercely regressive.  And do not be fooled: the illegitimate subpoenas against five House Republicans is Creature Pelosi's opening attack on representative government.

How will the House Republican Five, including GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Jim Jordan, and Rep. Andy Biggs respond to the illegitimate subpoenas that have regularly been issued by the Jan. 6 inquisition to many others, and now to members of the House of Representatives?  Should they file complaints in federal court?  Lower courts perhaps would uphold the illegitimate Jan. 6 panel — which should have been nullified by courts long ago, as an unconstitutional abuse of power by the House majority.  The Supreme Court would likely keep hands off, not wanting to enter a "political thicket."

I suggest that the House Republican Five ignore the subpoenas, while educating the American people how the Jan. 6 inquisition panel is a poisoned governmental tree, with all of its fruits, including its subpoenas, highly toxic in constitutional terms.  The House Republican Five should be backed by all Republican senators with lengthy speeches of support on the Senate floor — lengthy speeches that, yes, smack of a de facto filibuster.

What is that creature in the House speaker's seat (to apply the insult to the originator) going to do when the House Republican Five stands firm in defense of free, unfettered representative government?  Expel them?  It is time for Republicans to act on the basis of an inaugural observation of Franklin Roosevelt, March 1933: "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Republicans in Congress must stop fearing Democrats, turncoat Republicans, the Deep State, the media, and Big Tech to act on the basis of constitutional principle and free representative government.    In this regard, they would do well to take a page out of Donald J. Trump's playbook:  respond to attack — effectively and with vigor.  And trust in the good sense of the American people to heed their call.

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