Homeschool jujitsu

By this time, it has become abundantly clear to everyone that government schools deliberately and consciously scheme to abduct children from their parents and convert them to become good little leftist perverts.  This reality has prompted a marked increase in homeschooling, limited mostly by affordability.  Technology and the marketplace, though, are coming to the rescue.

The more parents learn about what's happening in public education, the more there are parents who desire to extract their children from the maw of the government schools but find that extraction financially unworkable: they cannot afford the loss of income that homeschooling demands and cannot afford private school.  That's where homeschooling jujitsu kicks in.

The COVID shutdown, conjoined with the entrepreneurial genius of the market, has found a way around the economic demands of homeschooling.  The shutdown has revealed that online learning (called D.E. for "distant education") is educationally feasible.  Additionally, the entrepreneurial genius of the marketplace has designed affordable D.E. products that employ this feasibility to make possible the exodus from public schools.  These D.E. products can be (1) home-based, (2) church-based, or (3) a hybrid of the two.

Image: Homeschooling by Lifestylememory.

The new products allow every church to become a D.E. school and to support D.E. in the home.  Just search for "homeschooling programs" and watch the hits roll in.  Parents and their churches should already be able to, or will soon be able to, find a D.E. product that fits their needs and resources.  Parents wishing to exploit this opportunity should collaborate with their church board to create a plan for their congregation

It is tantalizing to contemplate the post-exodus politics resulting from this homeschool jujitsu.  Subject to rare exceptions, state aid to the government schools is a function of the daily headcount.  The homeschool exodus will disrupt this green river and will have school boards crying to their state Legislature for cash.  Cash-strapped legislatures will be demanding that public schools bait the homeschooled back to the government classroom.  At this point, with the education politics playing field thus leveled, a true conversation about the goal of public education might actually occur.

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