Fairfax County schools may expel five-year-olds for 'misgendering'

When last we heard from Fairfax County, parents were trying to get the school board to prohibit books with pornographic sexual descriptions (a criminal act in Virginia).  Now parents have something new to worry about: on May 25, the school board plans to approve a set of rules that will make it a Level 4 offense — right up there with assault, battery, and arson — for children in grades K–12 who "malicious[ly] misgender" or commit an "outing related to gender identification."  Aside from being a gross violation of children's First Amendment rights, this is also a form of inquisition, seeking out and punishing heretics who violate the tenets of the church of transgenderism.

I recommend an article at The Federalist for its rundown of the gender madness that has infected Fairfax County schools going all the way back to 2015.  The school board has been quite desperate to force this make-believe stuff on children.  You may also want to check out the illegal, pornographic material the school district has in its libraries.

When I say make-believe, I'm not exaggerating.  As best as I can tell, there is no literature saying that transgenderism is real — that is, there is nothing showing that men and women are born in the wrong bodies (although I've suggested for some time that, in a few cases, the huge influx of fake hormones in some women's bodies thanks to the Pill may affect a child's hormone wash in utero).  If you scan the pediatric literature, what you discover is that all the literature operates from the assumed premise that transgenderism is a real thing.

Ironically, the biggest "tell" that this whole transgenderism thing is a con, meant to advance a leftist push to deny children necessary agency over their own bodies, is the transgender advocates' favorite teaching tool: the transgender unicorn.  Unicorns, of course, don't exist.  They are as imaginary as the entire transgender concept itself.  It's telling that activists must retreat to fantasy to prove "their truth."

But none of that is stopping the activists in Fairfax County.  If they have their way, beginning in kindergarten, it will be a serious punishable offense involving "relationship behaviors," if children are caught "[u]sing slurs based upon the actual or perceived gender identity (which includes, but is not limited to, malicious deadnaming or malicious misgendering)."

Image: Unicorn in Apadana, Shush, Iran (with added text), by Mohammad.m.nazari.  CC BY-SA 4.0.

Who decides what’s "malicious"?  Who knows?  As often as not, it's probably one of those deeply disturbed, narcissistic teachers who show up on Libs of TikTok.  These are the folks who believe that the classroom is their personal forum for expression and that their primary job as a teacher is to make sure that their students understand their deviant sexuality:

While schools can regulate speech that substantially disrupts school activities, children do not lose their constitutional rights simply by walking into the classroom.  The law is clear that speech is not disruptive merely because the school does not agree with it.  Significantly, schools cannot force religious speech on children.  Distilled, that means that schools cannot force children into speech that goes against their conscience.

Proving the truth of a statement attributed to K.G. Chesterton that "when a man stops believing in God, he doesn't then believe in nothing, he believes anything," the Church of Transgenderism is the left's newest faith.  It has its own transubstantiation (magically changing gender) and its own catechism (which is horribly disgusting or, like the unicorn, stupid and obviously imaginary).  Soon, in Fairfax County, the Church will hunt down heretics (those who deadname or misgender); conduct an inquisition (a school tribunal); and impose its version of an auto-da-fé in the form of suspension, expulsion, or Title IX attacks.

Just as a school cannot force a child to profess a faith or a specific doctrine within a faith, so too should a school be barred from forcing a child to accept the existence and tenets of the Church of Transgenderism.  No child should be required to mangle logic and grammar to satisfy the narcissistic need of another child or teacher to have his sexual delusions honored.

If a child is manifestly bullying another child (and we all have the common sense to recognize that), all schools have consequences for that, including teaching a mentally healthy child to be kind and compassionate to one who is mentally ill.  But to claim that a child must be forced to lie to remain in school is unconstitutional, un-American, and dangerous.

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