Faced with terrible economic news, Biden had a few things to say

Perhaps by the time you read this, the news will already have reported the economic data for April.  One doesn't need a crystal ball to know that it will be lousy: soaring energy and food prices, empty shelves (especially when it comes to baby formula), weak employment...all the signs of a recession that we hope doesn't become a depression.  Trying to head off panic at the pass, Joe Biden offered "remarks" on the economy.  It's unlikely that his incoherent, weird remarks, and passing the buck, calmed anyone's fears.

Because it's truly painful to listen to Biden speak, I prefer the White House website's transcripts.  They are always surprisingly honest in that they almost never clean up his gaffes and incoherence.  That's true for the "Remarks by President Biden on the Economy," which reminded us that the man in charge of America is a demented, weird buffoon.

Biden acknowledged that he was addressing "the number-one challenge facing families today: inflation."  But first came the boasting.

For example, Biden boasted that "8.3 million jobs [were created] in my first 15 months in office — a record."  Anyone who hasn't drunk the Kool-Aid knows that ending the lockdowns and allowing Americans to return to the jobs previously barred to them is not "job creation," and it had nothing to do with Biden.

Biden's boast about the diminution in unemployment is also untrue.  Allowing Americans frozen out of work to start working again is nothing to boast about.  There's also what's being called "The Great Resignation," which refers to people who have dropped out of the workforce entirely.

Most people know why we're having raging inflation: first, the government has been printing money like a Weimar Germany printing press.  Second, Biden drastically impaired America's domestic oil production, raising the price of a product that underlies every single thing Americans buy.

But that's not Biden's version of events.  Inflation, he says, is because of "a once-in-a-century pandemic," which shut down the global economy and destroyed the supply chain.  Of course, it wasn't the pandemic that did that.  It was the Democrats' response to the pandemic, which they did to get Trump out of office and increase their power over the American people.

Image: Biden can taste your frustration.  Twitter screen grab.

But even more than the pandemic it was...drum roll, please..."Mr. Putin's war in Ukraine."  Biden states as a conclusion, without explanation, that the war caused gas prices to go up as if they hadn't already almost doubled before the war.  He also announces that, because Ukraine's grain is trapped in silos, there's inflation in America.  Spot the missing information about farming and transportation problems in America, many tied to 18 months of fuel increases, all of which is exacerbated, but not caused, by the war.

Biden then had the temerity to claim — or to seem to claim, given his nonsensical word soup — that inflation is because he's done such a wonderful job with the economy.  Here, you try to figure it out:

I've built a strong ec- — we've built a strong economy with a strong job market.  And I agree with what [Federal Reserve] Chairman Powell said last week that the number-one threat is the strength — and that strength that we built is inflation.

(By the way, Treasury secretary Janet Yellen said on Tuesday that the way to keep the economy growing is to ensure that Black women can have abortions.  No kidding.  She really said fewer Black babies means a better American economy.)

Biden also blatantly lied about the Republicans, claiming that their economic proposal is to raise taxes on the middle class and coddle billionaires and corporations.  Regarding the corporations, Democrats find it impossible to understand that corporations do not pay taxes.  Instead, whatever they are asked to pay is always passed through to individuals, in the form of either higher prices or lower wages.

After again blaming Putin, Biden congratulated himself for allowing more ethanol in gasoline.  Perhaps this is part of his plan to force Americans into electric cars, given that too much ethanol damages car engines.  Oh, joy!

There was so much more nonsense I'd need a post double this size to highlight it all.  Suffice it to say that the whole weirdness of Biden's speech was summed up in three sentences: "Look, I know you've got to be frustrated.  I know.  I can taste it."  Whatever Biden is tasting, I don't want to know about it.

Having plowed through Biden's remarks, I don't feel comforted at all about the state of the economy.  Instead, I'm going to lay in some more emergency food supplies.

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