During a live segment on gun violence, thug appears to point a gun at the camera crew

Often cited in the debate over how far to infringe upon the Second Amendment is the gun violence in places with extremely strict gun control laws.  In one of America's most notoriously deadly cities, this story ran last year: "More people were shot to death in Chicago and surrounding Cook County in 2021 than in any other year on record."  The problem is so bad that last year, officials installed "bleeding control kits" in public properties across the city to be on hand for victims of gunshots — mass shootings are routine parts of daily Chicago life, despite having some of the most cumbersome gun control measures on the books.  For example, to carry a handgun — which can't have a magazine with more than ten rounds in it — you must be at least twenty-one and have a Firearm Owners Identification card, which means you've also taken a firearms safety class.

However, on Wednesday morning, as a reporter for a local Chicago television station delivered a live report on gun violence from the city streets, a man walked through the camera shot and pointed what looked like a gun at the crew before running off.

If the item in question is in fact a handgun, then the incident displays a profound sense of irony and unmitigated government failure.  For starters, if he has his FOID card, then he must have taken gun safety — and it clearly didn't do any good, because he violated one of the most basic rules by pointing the gun at innocent people.  If he doesn't have his FOID card, it just shows how abjectly useless are the ideas and implementations of government policy.  Given the fact that the weapon is not an old-timey pirate muzzleloader or a revolver, it can only be a semi-automatic — and the likelihood that the magazine contains more than ten rounds is extremely high.

Apparently, the notion that those intent on victimizing won't opt for good behavior just because the government says they can't do something is a highly complex concept for many to grasp — but as Hitler apparently said, "how fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think."

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