Democrats' craziness as they contemplate Roe v. Wade's end

With the news about the Supreme Court's draft opinion reversing the unconstitutional, unlawful, ahistorical, and dishonest Roe v. Wade decision, people are getting a deep look into the totalitarian, death-obsessed heart of the Democrat party.  Here's a rundown looking at the Democrats' repulsive craziness.

1. As a predicate to how far Democrats have traveled in less than two decades, we'll start with the abortion journey of Joe Biden, a self-proclaimed Catholic.

1.1. In 1982:

1.2. By 1987, Biden borked Robert Bork, something of which he's still proud, even though it was he who, along with Teddy Kennedy, damagingly politicized the Court and the nomination process:

1.3. In 1994 and 2003, Biden was still lukewarm on abortion:

1.4. In 2006, Biden clung to the "safe, rare, and legal" mantra:

1.5. Even now, while Biden admits that it's a child who dies with every abortion, this lawyer and senator doesn't understand that the Court's role isn't to make policy but is, quite simply, to determine what's constitutional and what is not:

1.6. Biden claims that returning abortion to the states, consistent with the Constitution, is "radical":

1.7. And most significantly, Biden abandons entirely the principle of America as a constitutional democratic republic, in which the people have a say about the big issues, and openly calls for tyranny:

2. Other leftists were at work, too, craving despotism and being insane.

2.1. Rep. Pramila Jayapal shares Biden's misunderstanding about the Court's role:

2.2. The Democrats are back to their plan to pack the Court to get their way:

2.3. Leftist protests explicitly target the conservative justices and vividly illustrate the absence of coherent arguments:

2.4. The scarier-looking leftists explicitly call for violence:

2.5. You get a glimpse into the truly dark heart of the pro-abortion crowd when some give their answer to the serious question of whether aborted fetuses are being turned into fuel:

2.6. Yamiche Alcindor expresses horror at the thought of more Black and Hispanic children:

3. And now, a few observations:

3.1. Justice Roberts's commitment to finding the leaker is suspect, considering that he's asking the marshal of the Supreme Court, not the FBI, to do the investigation.  The marshal has no investigative powers.  (Or Roberts doesn't trust the FBI, which is also a possibility.)

3.2. I wouldn't trust the FBI, either:

3.3. While seven White men forced abortion on America in 1973, leading to the loss of around 20 million Black children, in 2022, a Black man and a woman are part of a decision that will save the lives of future Black and other minority children.

3.4. As many have pointed out, so-called "transgender women" (i.e., men) have utterly vanished from Democrat discourse.  These mentally ill people were always pawns used for political ends.

3.5. To their enormous credit, both Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) are currently holding strong on their refusal to destroy the filibuster.

Image: In 1972, George McGovern, the Democrat presidential candidate, opposed abortion, fearing he'd look too extreme. Cartoon by Edmund Valtman, Library of Congress.

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