Biden's new press secretary has a problem with Jews

Karine Jean-Pierre makes history this week as the first woman "of color" and the first open lesbian to become the official spokesperson for the leader of the free world.

Unfortunately, another characteristic that sets her apart from previous White House press secretaries is her malicious radical activism, which reached its low point when she made fictitious allegations against a moderate, bipartisan pro-Israel organization.

In an article for Newsweek in 2019, Jean-Pierre congratulated Democratic presidential candidates who boycotted the annual conference of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, and castigated Democrats who attended:

You cannot call yourself a progressive while continuing to associate yourself with an organization like AIPAC that has often been the antithesis of what it means to be progressive.

In 2015, AIPAC spent tens of millions of dollars trying to defeat the Iran nuclear deal crafted by President Obama. The deal was historic in its attempt to create and maintain peace[.]

She also condemned AIPAC for inviting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, under whose leadership "Israel might have committed war crimes."  (What are the chances Biden's new press secretary has ever used the term "war crimes" with regard to Iran's involvement in the slaughter in Syria and Yemen, or its funding of atrocities committed by Hamas and Hezb'allah?)  She went on to claim, without evidence:

[AIPAC's] severely racist, Islamophobic rhetoric has proven just as alarming. The organization has become known for trafficking in anti-Muslim and anti-Arab rhetoric[.] ...

Some Democratic members of Congress ... attended the conference and proceeded to bash the freshmen congresswomen who paved the way in identifying AIPAC as the obstacle to progress that it is.

Why would President Biden choose to be represented by someone so far out of the mainstream?

Or was she really mainstream all along, in tune with hostile anti-Israel Obama-Biden policy and rhetoric that was not widely reported?

Jean-Pierre's depiction of AIPAC as a hate group — and her glorification of anti-Semitic congresswomen — can be traced to her background as chief public affairs officer of the far-left, anti-Israel organization MoveOn, which took part in a 2015 conference call in which President Obama vilified the pro-Israel lobby.  The Times of Israel reported that in the conference call, "Obama warned that Congress might be swayed by the '20 million dollars of advertising paid for by lobbyists' — a monetary figure he repeated throughout the conversation.  The figure is identical to the amount that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee was believed to be prepared to devote to its effort to oppose the deal[.]"

"When you have a bunch of folks who are big check writers to political campaigns, and billionaires who give to super PACS ... this opportunity could slip away," Obama warned.

This emphasis and re-emphasis on AIPAC's millions threatening to undermine Obama's deal sounded a lot like what Rep. Ilhan Omar would later tweet about the Jews and their money negatively influencing U.S. policy.  (And the $20 million figure Obama repeatedly invoked was dwarfed by the $150 billion he released to the terrorist regime of Iran, plus the additional billion-plus in cash he showered them with afterward.)

A month after the Newsweek op-ed, far in advance of the 2020 election, pro–Iran deal MoveOn announced its support for the re-election of Reps. Tlaib and Omar — the first two official endorsements for 2020 by Jean-Pierre's organization.  That's two congressional districts out of 435.  Either they incredibly picked those two districts at random, or they were sending a message: "Take that, Jews!"

Was Biden's choice of a defamer of AIPAC and Israel as a senior adviser, chief of staff to Kamala Harris, and now the White House press secretary careless or deliberate?  Either way, it's further proof that the radical "anti-Zionist" wing of the Democrat party has taken over.

Democratic leaders and the media were silent about Obama's depiction of pro-Israel activists as enemies and can be expected to similarly protect Biden's new press secretary.

Did Jean-Pierre cross the line into anti-Semitism in her attack on AIPAC?

The definition of anti-Semitism drafted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, adopted by the US State Department, includes "making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews."

Jean-Pierre's astonishing, unsupported accusations of racism leveled at a predominantly Jewish organization dedicated to the survival of the Jewish state match the IHRA definition in that they are mendacious.  They are also demonizing — why else would someone disseminate mendacious allegations against a minority group if not to demonize them?

It's unlikely Jean-Pierre will ever be pressured to step down for any reason.  Perhaps a White House reporter will challenge her to provide examples of AIPAC's "severely racist, Islamophobic rhetoric" — but that appears unlikely, too.

Image: NBC News via YouTube.

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