Biden's 'message' to the Supreme Court after dox attack is a pretty despicable one

Does anyone think it normal that the White House has refused to condemn the doxxing of six Supreme Court justices in the wake of the Court's likely overturn of Roe v. Wade?  That's a full-blown invasion of personal privacy, quite unlike a protest at the Court members' workplace, with all its menacing implications.  The White House, despite the fact that its officials are hardly exempt from the same kind of treatment from criminals, simply refused to do it.

White House spokesweasel Jen Psaki just danced around the topic before coming down squarely on the side of the doxxers.

According to Breitbart News:

The White House on Thursday resisted asking angry pro-abortion protesters not to descend on the homes of Supreme Court Justices after a draft judicial decision on Roe v. Wade was leaked to the press.

"I don't have an official U.S. government position on where people protest," White House press secretary Jen Psaki replied when asked if the president condoned the actions of protesters sharing information on the home addresses of originalist Supreme Court justices.

The protest group Ruth Sent Us announced plans to direct protests at the homes of six Supreme court justices — three in Virginia and three in Maryland.

Psaki also resisted calling the actions of some protesters "extreme," despite reported violence and vandalism by some of the angry pro-abortion protesters.

"We want it, of course, to be peaceful and certainly the president would want people's privacy to be protected," she said.

Psaki expressed concern that people were more concerned about the nature of the protests rather than the threat the Supreme Court posed to Roe v. Wade.

"I think we shouldn't lose the point here," she said.

What the heck was that about?  The Court justices were doxxed, which puts them in a state of harrowing life conditions threatening them as they conduct their official duties.  That's a crime right there.  It may be even more than that —like extreme danger.  Doxxing and threatening have certainly happened in the past, such as the assassination attempt against House rep. Steve Scalia, who was shot by a deranged Bernie Sanders–supporter.  Yet this administration says there's nothing to see here and it won't tell people where to protest?

A crime has been committed, and all we see is indifference.  How hard is this to condemn?  The Bidenites haven't condemned it. 

Jonathan Turley had some decent observations:

It's an appalling message from the Bidenites suggesting that they don't care whether the Court members live or die.

It raises the question that maybe this is their stance, too, since they'd be the ones to fill the Court positions if, God forbid, something should happen to the justices.  Condemning the doxxing of judges would be easy for any practitioner of decency, but not for them.  It's almost as if they want to replace them — by any means necessary.  And scarily enough, the Bidenites are telegraphing this as a message to all the crazed leftists who plan to harass the justices in their homes.  The Bidenites and their crazed leftist wing are all complicit now should anything happen to the judges, because this kind of condemnation is not hard.

Now the doxxing free-for-all is going on, with none of the lights on over at Camp Biden.

It's so bad that it makes one wonder if this travesty is there by design.

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