Beto O’Rourke and Barack Obama remind us that Dem politicians are awful

On Tuesday, an evil man slaughtered 21 people, 19 of whom were children under ten. On Wednesday, two morally bereft Democrats—Beto O’Rourke and Barack Obama—used those deaths to score political points. Decent people were outraged. Indecent ones cheered them on.

Beto O’Rourke is an inconsequential man with few accomplishments who is determined to force people to recognize his non-existent greatness. Having failed both in his runs for U.S. Senator and U.S. President, his latest effort is to become the governor of Texas.

Somewhere along the way in his quixotic political journey, the beta man heard that there’s no such thing as bad press. If you can get the public’s attention, you’re gold. This swinish man then decided that he should crash Gov. Greg Abbott’s press briefing, which grieving parents might attend, to score political points. You can see his indecent grandstanding here, as well as the tongue-lashing he received from Uvalde’s mayor, Don McLaughlin, and from a member of the audience:

You and I, who have respect for the decencies of mourning, are shocked, as was Cody Ytuarte, the man who said “That’s propaganda, bro.” Ytuarte is a former Democrat of Hispanic lineage in Uvalde. He reminds us of the changing face of the Hispanic community in America:

Sensible, yes? But not everyone is sensible. A lot of people thought that the real culprit was Mayor McLaughlin for both believing in the Second Amendment and daring to push back against the beta man’s crass stunt:

Stay classy, dudes. And speaking of staying classy, initially, Barack Obama really couldn’t be bothered at all about the Uvalde shooting. A long time ago, Trayvon Martin was the son he never had but, two years ago, another icon was added to that place in Obama’s political heart:

As a reminder, Trayvon Martin was a proud wannabe gangbanger who played with guns and was cruising for drugs when he tried to beat George Zimmerman to death. George Floyd was an ex-felon who had committed dangerous crimes and who had so many drugs in his system that he was a dead man walking. It’s doubtful even a trip to the hospital could have saved him but, because the race-hustling crowd was threatening the police officers, they were unable to get Floyd any medical help as he lay dying from overloading his heart with, among other things, fentanyl he’d stuck up his butt for an instant high.

These are Obama’s martyrs and he can barely show his impatience with those icky dead kids who are getting in the way of his political activism. It was only hours later, after a fair amount of pushback, that Obama was able to rouse himself to do the usual “So sad they died; gun control” series of tweets.

While Obama got strong, and deserved, Twitter grief from conservatives, his supporters were there for him, with his George Floyd tweet garnering over 57,000 “likes.”

Obama and Beto are birds of a feather. Obama had his time in the sun and managed to get two terms in the White House, plus a third proxy term with Biden. It’s to be hoped that Beto, who lacks both Obama’s cool and his melanin content, is unable to follow in his footsteps. Neither man respects the Constitution, America, or Americans, and each has a very grim, dystopian view of America.

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