Bad Touch Biden was at it again, obsessively stroking a child in public

On Monday, Joe Biden made an official appearance in the White House to award Public Safety Medals of Valor.  It should have been a simple, moving ceremony for people who put their lives on the line to serve the public.  And for the most part, it was precisely that as 15 men (or their survivors) received those honors.  But what stood out was the fact that there was a little boy in the room, and Biden did what he always does when little children are in his ambit...he went creepy.

Before getting to Bad Touch Biden, I want to take a minute to name the honorees at the ceremony because it is they who deserve recognition:

Ryan Sprunger, of East Wayne, Ohio, armed only with a throw rope, jumped into a frozen pond to rescue a grandfather and his two grandchildren.

Ryan Smith, Vincent Mendoza, and Robert Paul, all California Highway Patrol officers, found themselves in a deadly gunfight that had already killed a colleague, with each of the three going to extraordinary lengths to save the others.

Abraham Miller, a New York City firefighter, rappelled from the roof of a burning building to rescue a five-year-old girl.

Jason Shuping (deceased), Kyle Baker, Paul Stackenwalt, and Kaleb Robinson, of Concord, North Carolina, fought back against a hostage-taker who opened fire on the officers.  Officer Shuping died, but the other three fought the shooter, even as they did everything they could to save each other and the public.

Image: Biden fondles a little boy.  YouTube screen grab.

Dalton Rushing, of Perry County, Ohio, plunged into a frozen lake, remaining in the water for 45 minutes, to save a victim unable to grab a rope.

Jared Lloyd (deceased), of Spring Valley, New York, lost his life rescuing elderly residents from a burning nursing home.

John Colandro, Michael Rosero, and Chad Titus, of Stamford, Connecticut, dove in freezing water during a blizzard to rescue two people trapped in a sinking truck.

Anthony Giorgio, of Pensacola, Florida, although on vacation, rescued three children and an adult from dangerous waves, including charging into a riptide.

I think it's telling that all these Medal of Valor honorees are men.  This is what men do.

But what a man shouldn't do is grab a little boy he's never met before, place him in front of his crotch, and then compulsively squeeze and stroke the little boy's arms and shoulders.  But that's what the Oval Office occupant did during the ceremony, when Jared Lloyd's mother and his two sons stepped up to receive his posthumous medal:

As we all know, Biden's touchy-feely behavior with the little boy is nothing new.  Given the chance, he can't keep his hands off children, and, often, when he's doing the creepy stroking thing with little girls, his hands wander over their chests.

One of the best videos I've ever seen regarding Biden’s behavior around children juxtaposes video of his conduct with a completely unrelated speech from someone talking about how pedophiles groom children:

As I always say, we have no evidence that Biden's behavior goes beyond the public stroking, sniffing, grabbing, and whispering.  However, that behavior alone is bad.  It also is highly symbolic that, when leftist educators across America, not to mention Disney Corporation, are actively supporting LGBTQ+++ grooming in America's K–12 classrooms, the man in the White House is regularly behaving in groomer fashion.

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