Aren't there already enough dead people in Chicago?

The pro-Roe show gets better every day, from "the handmaidens" breaking up a Mass in Los Angeles to Mayor Lightfoot promising to turn Chicago into a place of reproductive freedom.  This is what she said:

The mayor of Chicago challenged other mayors to protect reproductive rights.

"The moment has to be a call to arms and I call upon all people of good will at this moment to make sure you are investing in the organizations that are on the front line," Mayor Lori Lightfoot said.

And the article goes on a bit farther down:

The "Justice For All Pledge" fund includes access to transportation, lodging, care and, if necessary, safe and legal access to an abortion procedure, Lightfoot's office said in a statement, adding that the investment is part of Chicago's plan to "be a safe haven for all who are unjustly denied the resources and opportunities they deserve."

"Planned Parenthood of Illinois is currently preparing to see double to five times the number of patients we see for abortion care," said Jennifer Welch of Planned Parenthood of Illinois. "That is staggering."

Is it staggering, or is it murder...or both?

Chicago is already leading the league in weekend murders.  They had another one of those weekends recently: "6 killed and 18 others wounded — including 12-year-old boy — in weekend shootings in Chicago."

I guess that kind of murder is okay or overlooked because people are so used to it.  As a Chicago friend said on the phone recently, most people just tune out the murders.  What a sad commentary on a once wonderful city.

So the worst mayor in the country, now that Mayor de Blasio is out, is rallying the citizens to bring more death to Chicago.  Wonder why people keep moving out of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago?  What do they have in common — and I don't mean a Major League Baseball team?  They are run by left-wing Democrats.  It's only a matter of time before all of those cities losing people became centers of "reproductive freedom," AKA killing babies and losing more people!

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