Another leftist 'narrative' implodes: Latino support for Biden skids to 26%

Seems that all those "racists" who support Republicans and Donald Trump now include a majority of Hispanic voters.

According to the New York Post:

Three-fifths of US Hispanics dislike the job President Biden is doing, according to a new survey out this week — yet another sign of widespread discontent as Americans grapple with the ongoing border crisisbaby formula shortage and skyrocketing inflation.

The Quinnipiac University survey published Wednesday found that just 26% of Hispanics approve of Biden's performance, while 60% disapprove and 13% said they did not know or had no opinion.

The survey interviewed 1,586 adults, including 132 self-reported Hispanics. The margin of error among the group was 8.5 percentage points.

Despite the small sample, the poll result marks a reversal from the fall of 2020, when Biden won Hispanic voters by a 2-to-1 margin over Donald Trump.

In addition, a similar survey done by Quinnipiac at this time last year found that 55% of Hispanic voters approved of Biden while only 29% disapproved.

A Republican lean among Hispanic voters, who make up roughly 12.5% of the eligible population, could prove disastrous for Democrats in the November midterms.


That's a higher point loss in terms of support than even among whites.  It's the strongest drop of all demographic groups.  Seems Latinos aren't in for what Joe Biden is selling.

This would make sense, but certainly not for leftists.  An earlier Quinnipiac poll last October showed that 69% of Latino voters disapproved of Biden's policies on immigration, which featured record numbers of so-called "asylum-seekers" surging on in by the million.  Immigration has long been seen on the left as the Holy Grail to the Latino vote. Seems the Latinos don't like the imported crime, overcrowded schools, depressed wages, and long waits in the jam-packed emergency rooms brought on by unvetted immigration any more than other Americans — and actually, they like it even less. 

That's but one problem.  Inflation, jobs, taxes, the small business climate, the quality of public schools, and the availability of baby formula, all of which hit Latino voters on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder the hardest, a fact the left never acknowledges.

Education alone is a spectacular collection of errors — Biden yells about forgiving the loans of college students who borrowed too much but has shut down access to charter schools, ensuring that Latino students on the lower rungs of the economic ladder get only the bottom of the barrel in terms of education, plus zero choice about it.  Sound like a path upward?

But according to the mainstream media, it's pretty much just resentful racists who are drawn to Trump.  So how are the left's narrative-masters going to explain this one?

Isn't anyone who dislikes Joe Biden and, by default, supports Donald Trump, a full-on flaming racist?  Or a hopeless dupe who is an easy target for "propaganda"?

That's the spin the left has been bottling and selling in the press and beyond for years.

Facts on the ground are their problem.

Not only has the Latino move toward conservatives been building for months, but record numbers of Latinos are running for office on the Republican ticket.  The Latino pols who have stayed with the Democrats (and it's far from all of them; many have switched, knowing that they wouldn't get elected otherwise) are moderates such as Rep. Henry Cuellar on the Democrat side who has been demonized by the left for not being leftist enough.  Latinos get the message when that kind of rubbish is pulled, that their concerns about decent schools and lawful borders are of no concern to Democrats.  Pair it up with the Biden administration's refusal to visit the border, whose legal residents bearing the brunt of Biden's border surge are 90%+ Latino voters, and well, obviously, the Bidenites don't care and the Latinos are returning the sentiment.  

Other reasons abound, too.  A sample:

But all of this is just too much for the mainstream media and its Democrat enablers to handle.

The New York Times ignored the story of the poll completely.  Its last Quinnipiac poll story, dating from April, was a very bad forecast, claiming that President Trump's endorsement of candidates was unlikely to yield the results it used to yield.  The pious headline?  "For Trump, May Could Be the Cruelest Month."  Bzzzt, wrong.  The news about Biden's Latino rejection goes unmentioned.

The Washington Post apparently ignored the story, too.  Not too long ago, they called the Latino problem for Democrats "overstated."  A few days ago, they called the Latino swing toward Trump "surprising."

Democrats themselves have little to say, other than that Republicans are full of propaganda and Latino voters remain their own.  They don't change their stance a bit.  Let's see them talk their way out of this one as Biden's numbers among Latinos continue to plummet.  

Image: VictorMDCuba via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.0.

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