Amazing times: Even the socialists are upset with the Democrat leadership

A priceless moment in history was just created by Speaker Pelosi.

Irony of ironies, the far-left World Socialist Web Site just called out the incredibly stupid and foolish statements she made on her April 30,2022 visit to Ukraine:

Over the weekend, Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US House of Representatives and second in the line of presidential succession, traveled in secret to the war zone of Kiev, Ukraine and pledged a commitment by the United States to ensure "victory" against Russia.

Repeating the false premise that the United States' involvement in the war with Russia is about helping Ukraine, an embattled ally, Pelosi told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, "Our commitment is to be there for you until the fight is done." She added, "We stand with Ukraine until victory is won."

In essence, the Democrat speaker of our one-party-rule country just pledged the full majesty and power of America to beating the Russians in Ukraine. 

She bloviated and postured, committing us to another war, and sadly, she picked the same day on which, almost four decades ago, the Democrat-controlled Congress and Senate cut off funds for South Vietnam, and America lost our first war.

It did not take long this time for Democrat incompetence — inside a year this time instead of four decades — to lose us a second war, in the horrific fall of Afghanistan.  Now the Biden administration and Democrat Congress have just set us up for our third loss, and this time, it took only a few months, not decades.

It is simple by the definitive and unequivocal words of Pelosi: "we stand with Ukraine until victory is won."

The speaker set an impossibly high bar for the U.S., and if the Russians brutally destroy Ukraine or even cease hostilities by negotiating a truce to achieve their initial war aims, they will have strategically and tactically beaten us.

The world, our European and Asian allies, and China will all take note.  This is not good in this very dangerous time of potential nuclear war.

I do not need to historically virtue-signal like many cubicle commandoes talking tough about Russia, because in my national security career, I actually scrambled against Russian MiGs flown by Cuban pilots and ran President Reagan's Mobilization Planning and Requirements desk for strategic alert at the height of the Cold War.

As a Reagan appointee who fought as a Marine in Southeast Asia, I am struck by how the Democrat party now has gotten outflanked by insightful sanity and truth from socialists and the anti-war left.  It is truly a strange time.

According to the WSWS:

Pelosi's pledge, coming just one week after similar assurances by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, amounts to an unlimited commitment of treasure and blood to the pursuit of sweeping, open-ended war aims that threaten to draw the United States into what Biden called "world war."

What does "victory" in Ukraine mean? In the span of just one week, Biden, Austin and leading members of the president's political party have all given conflicting and irreconcilable answers as to what the United States is trying to achieve in Eastern Europe.

On one hand, Biden claimed that it is "not true" that the United States is engaged in a proxy war with Russia. On the other, Austin said at a press conference in Poland last week that the United States is seeking to "weaken" Russia. The New York Times has raised the prospect of "bringing Russia to its knees," while former US Army Europe Commander Ben Hodges called for "breaking the back" of Russia.

To which of these goals is Pelosi committing the United States?

If one accepts Pelosi's statements in the most limited and most literal sense, they mean that the United States will assist Ukraine in achieving its military aims in regard to Russia. But Ukraine's own military goals, developed in close cooperation with US military planners, are sweeping.

Fortunately, America caught a break, since it was one-party rule that created this nasty, illogical, and dangerous situation.  Now with the high probability of what is being called a midterm "Red Wave" portending Republican control of the House and possibly the Senate, with Republicans in charge, I pray that many "R" combat veterans are soon elected.

Such stupid, incoherent, and very public babbling of the Biden administration national security defense posture can be turned around.

Compounding the irony is that perhaps even anti-war socialists, along with those who sang the refrain from my first war in Vietnam — "all we are saying is give peace a chance" — will vote Republican.  Yikes — Hell meets cold day, but possible.

However, it always has to be noted that veterans are not monolithic in thought or deed.  They will be Republicans, Democrats, and independents, as seen by the distinguished combat veteran and Democrat Rep. Jason Crow of Colorado, who, in full support of the speaker, also declared: "The United States of America is in this to win, and we will stand with Ukraine until victory is won."

Congressman Crow hopefully is the exception, because often, regardless of party, many a combat-hardened man or woman will with well earned credibility go to great lengths to avoid war without signaling weakness.  I hope many, many of those courageous veterans are elected.

Image: Screen shot from Hindustan Times video via YouTube.

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