Abortionist supporters are letting it all hang out — and it's hideously ugly

During the Clinton 1990s, the pro-abortion mantra was "safe, rare, and legal."  Fighting that was like fighting a marshmallow because it sounded like such a rational approach to life's little realities.  Nowadays, abortion-promoters have dropped the mask and are, instead, making no bones about the fact that they are a death cult.  This was made clear during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday about "abortion access and care."  What emerged was horrible but also helpful insofar as it exposed exactly what kind of people are advocating for abortion in 2022 and what they want.

Because House Democrats were using the occasion to show how much they care about women (post-born women, of course, not pre-born), it seems fitting to start with the Q and A between Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) and Catherine Glenn Foster, the president and CEO of Americans United for Life.  Raskin made the fatal mistake of making a statement to her without knowing how she would respond.  Foster's response was so devastating that he retreated like a snail touched by salt:


(The current estimate is that about 1% of all abortions arise from rape or incest.  The other 99% of abortions terminate pregnancies resulting from voluntary sexual intercourse.)

Well, maybe Foster doesn't know the science.  Surely a medical doctor like Yashica Robinson, a physician, would have a better answer.  After all, she is a board member of Physicians for Reproductive Health, implying she knows all about the creation of life from conception to birth.  However, when asked what makes a life a fully human life, her answer was...birthdays.  I'm not exaggerating:

Interestingly, when Robinson was asked about the abortion process done on kids as they are being born (a process New York City mayor Eric Adams supports), she suddenly got all huffy and, because she couldn't give an accurate answer (because the accurate answer is too ugly), personally attacked Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.).  Go figure.

And in 2022, what women's issue would be complete without a leftist stating that the issue actually isn't limited to women (although women are still the only ones allowed to have an opinion)?  Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) got the opportunity to question Aimee Arrambide, who's spent her entire life advocating for abortion and is now the executive director for the nonprofit pro-abortion Avow Texas.  She believes in abortions but has abandoned entirely the notion that women are unique or that pregnancy is unique to women.

The two witnesses, above, are the pretty, professional face of abortion in America.  Just a few days ago, though, we were reminded of the emotional engine that powers these organizations:

Sometimes, things must get very bad before they can get better.  People are sufficiently adaptable that, if they can limp along, they will.  It's only when they fully realize that they are watching their society surrender to a true death cult that they begin to act.  So, to those leftists who think this is their time and are showing their true selves: Thank you.  It's good for the American people to see you as you really are.

Image: "Fetus = Good Snack" sign at a pro-abortion protest in Arizona.  Screen grab from a tweet by Drew Hernandez.

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