Abortion, racism, eugenics: Charles Payne and Sen. Tim Scott say the quiet part out loud

Abortion, which is the killing of a human life, has been since its beginning inextricably linked to eugenics.  That hasn't escaped thoughtful black observers such as Fox Business's Charles Payne, nor the GOP's Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, both of whom have effectively called out this appalling fact, much to the benefit of everyone.

Abortion, which involves targeting the most helpless, is never otherwise.  We all know how black lives don't matter to the newspapers and networks in crime-infested blue cities.  It's even more of a problem with abortion targeting the even more helpless, who are black babies in the womb.  After all, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger famously promoted birth control, the predecessor to abortion, as a means of getting rid of "the unfit," and you can figure out who that all too often turned out to be.  The Bolsheviks introduced abortion in 1920 explicitly to break up families in order to make the survivors loyal only to the state.  Prior to that, abortion was unthinkable.  The left now tries to hide that sordid past, but even today, the ugly truth slips out.

This brings us to Joe Biden's Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, who, rather than get into the "my body, my choice" weeds of the street screamers baying outside the homes of Supreme Court justices, put out her own dry economic analysis on the value of abortions to society.

According to Fox News, as reported by BizPac Review:

"Yesterday, Janet Yellen, who is our secretary of the treasury, she was up on Capitol Hill and she had an extraordinary claim that said that if abortion went away, it would be bad for the economy," co-host Steve Doocy recounted.

"Eliminating the right of women to make decisions when and whether to have children would have very damaging effects on the economy and would set women back decades," Yellen claimed.

 Charles Payne heard the dog whistle in that one and took out the trash:

After all, if a little abortion is good for the economy, why not a lot of it?  Why not get rid of all of the black people through abortion and have the best economy ever?  It's the same disgusting logic the left employs in arguing for raising the minimum wage, which leads to the idea that if raising the minimum wage to $15 is a good for the economy, why not raise it to $100 an hour for an even better economy? 

Abortion targeting the black community is a more serious topic than the minimum wage — the logic of Yellen is basically to max the economy out by getting rid of poverty, which would mean getting rid of Black people, who are disproportionately poor.  Leave aside the matter that a declining population is not a good thing anywhere in the world for any country's prospects for economic growth.   Yellen left that part out.

Payne was keying off a retort by Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, who pointed out that yes, he was born poor, but his mother chose to give him life anyway, and he's glad to be here.  There's some kind of vile bias against poor people in this abortion argument, which in the end always hits black people the hardest.

It's rather amazing how this racist pattern in abortion arguments always seems to come to the fore.  Might that be because abortion is racist?  You don't get this kind of problem popping up again and again without there being some kind of connection that's inherent in the problem.

Fortunately for all of us, Payne and Scott had the fortitude to say that quiet part out loud.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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