A tale of two Texas towns

Garland and Uvalde are two Texas communities with similarities common to small towns across America. Their residents are traditionally patriotic, hard-working, overwhelmingly Christian, and conservative both fiscally and socially, and they are targets for the leftists in this country who wish to change the very character of what makes Texas, well, “Texas, it’s a whole other country!”

For full disclosure, I am a Texas lover. The first fall night that I spent under a big Texas sky beside a mesquite fire, watching more shooting stars in five minutes than I had ever seen in my entire life growing up in light-polluted New Orleans, I fell in love with the place.

I am going to compare and contrast the attacks that both Uvalde and Garland endured, separated by just over seven years, with vastly different outcomes.

On May 3, 2015, two Muslim jihadists drove from their mosque in Phoenix, Arizona, to Garland to attack a gathering at the Garland Convention Center (GCC). Why? The shooters were upset that two anti-jihadists, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, were sponsoring a “Draw Mohammed” contest at the GCC.

As readers may be aware, Muslims believe that it is blasphemous to render a likeness of their prophet. They are less likely to wish to discuss the fact that their prophet married his second wife, Aisha, when she was six years old, consummating the marriage when she had reached the relatively mature age of nine. But I digress.

The two shooters had been well equipped by their fellow believers with the very best body armor and weaponry. Nothing is too good for those who carry on the jihad. Besides the support of their mosque, these jihadists enjoyed the support and counsel of none other than the FBI.

Yeah, you read that right: The Federal Bureau of Investigations. An agent had been assigned to shadow the jihadists and support their efforts, urging them by text to “Tear-up Texas!” My Texas? Are you crazy? I guess they are. By the way, the FBI agent was actually arrested by the Garland Police Department as he fled the scene of the gunfight that I am about to recount.

Image: Aftermath of attack on the Garland convention center. YouTube screen grab.

As the jihadists drove near the parking lot of the GCC, they simply joined the line of cars snaking its way to the parking lot. It was when they spotted a Garland traffic cop and his private security guard assistant on duty at the lot’s perimeter that they stopped their car and came out blasting, geared up in their full body armor and weapons smoking.

What happened next is pure Texas. The traffic cop hurriedly drew his .38 caliber service revolver, took aim at the shooters as their incoming rounds whizzed by, and shot both jihadists in the head, thwarting their expensive body armor. The security guard was injured when one round hit him in the ankle, a painful, but non-life-threatening injury.

The gunfight was over in just seconds and that’s when the FBI handler put the pedal to the medal and attempted a speedy exit. Units of the Garland PD gave chase and apprehended the traitor.

What happened next? The mess was cleaned-up (in more ways than one) and the contest continued. And what did the FBI tell the press to explain exactly why the FBI was aiding Muslim jihadists? In fact, James Comey never provided a statement or explanation. To this day, the MSM has never pressed the FBI for an accounting. Please recall that this all transpired during Barack Obama’s administration. Enough said.

Unfortunately for the 19 children and two adults in the Uvalde attack, no Garland traffic cop was present when they desperately needed one. Instead of swift, decisive reactions, the law enforcement officers in Uvalde seemed to have taken seriously BLM’s preaching when faced with dangerous criminals. Sadly, that day, Hispanic lives did not matter to them.

Doesn’t the training manual for the Uvalde police state that an active shooter is to be met with overwhelming and unrelenting force until he is taken out? Yes, as a matter of fact, it does. What impact on this nation will desperate 911 calls from ten-year-old kids under siege have? That’s hard to say except I hope that it will be positive.

As you read this email, know one thing that will never change:

The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun!

The estimate is that there are over 400 million guns in America and the thugs in MS 13, Aryan Nation, Black Guerilla Family, Hell’s Angels, FBI, and DoJ will never give up their weapons—and please, don’t ask me to give up mine. 

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