A red wave with a little salsa

On a weekly basis, we are getting reports about Hispanics leaving the Democrat party.  The easy explanation is to blame it on inflation, food, and gasoline prices.  Yes, those items matter a lot, but this is a lot more about the Democrats than gasoline prices.

Let's check out the latest from Kurt Schlichter:

See, the snobs of the left just assumed that Hispanics would obediently adopt an ethnic identity and vote and think on that basis forever. But what Hispanics did was what every other assimilated immigrant group has done. They became Americans first, ethnicity second. That their family came from El Salvador or Venezuela or Cuba or Mexico was a fun and interesting fact, but for those who had been here and seen their hard work pay off, it was secondary. Instead of being perpetual others, living the outside of mainstream society and therefore useful to the Dems, they became just another bunch of regular Americans, concerned about filling up their tanks, not getting robbed, and not having some perverted groomer school teacher send Miguel home to inform his madre and padre that he was now Isabella.

The idea of sons getting snipped to avoid awkward lumpiness when they wear miniskirts is simply not going to play in Hispanic culture. In fact, Hispanic culture — like all of normal American culture — is at odds with the cultural weirdness of the Democrat Party. This is a culture that respects hard work. Democrats don't. It respects families. Democrats don't. It respects service, which is why you see large numbers of Hispanic Americans stepping up to serve in the police, the Border Patrol, and our military. The Democrats not only don't respect that but despise those who serve. 

Despise those who serve?  Remember the poor fellow on a horse accused of whipping an illegal alien?  Remember how he was called a racist, and no one in the Biden administration apologized for the false accusation?

Hispanic culture at odds with the cultural weirdness of the Democrat party?  That's true, too.

As for those who come from Cuba and Venezuela, the leftist message is not going to work, either.  As my late mother used to say, we saw that movie, and it does not end well.

We will learn on Election Day about this phenomenon of Hispanics voting for the GOP.  It will happen, but we don't know what the numbers will be.  No matter what, any shift in Hispanic votes will give the anticipated red wave a taste of salsa!

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Image: Ginny.

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