A peek into how educrats indoctrinate our children

As a lifelong conservative and a retired teacher, I welcome all efforts to wrest control over education from the leftist educrats.  I long for a day when we can send our kids to public schools and know they are being educated, not indoctrinated.  But indoctrinated they are, and one of the main vehicles is the seemingly innocuous "Advisory" module.

As parents, we send our children to public schools to learn English, math, science, history, and other subjects deemed desirable by our society.  Our schools also teach propaganda aimed at transforming America into something like the America that President Obama longed for when he said he wanted to transform America during his administration.

Recently, conservative groups critical of Obama's vision have challenged those school boards and politicians suspected of trying to help Obama transform America.  The defeat of Terry McAuliffe in Virginia and opposition to Critical Race Theory show that parents and taxpayers are wising up to the leftward march of American public education.

As I said, I support wresting control of American public education from the leftist educrats.  Even as we celebrate the victory of Governor Youngkin and the attention on CRT that is making the news on a regular basis, however, we must not underestimate the educrats' power.  They will not go away quietly.  They are true believers, and they expect that conservatives will lose interest in this fight.

A telling thing happened during the Wuhan Flu Emergency in 2020, when most American students were sent home to receive online classes.  As students transitioned from in-class education to online education, several school boards around America asked parents not to monitor their children's online classes.  In this "era of transparency," I found those requests disquieting.  What was going on during those class sessions that teachers did not want parents to see?

In the last years of my teaching experience, something called "Advisory" became more and more prominent in our school.  What is Advisory, you ask?  Advisory is the umbrella covering non-academic instruction given to students.  This is a period where left-of-center propaganda is imposed on the young.  This is what many conservatives call social engineering.

Image: Students by freepik.

Since education for K–12 is compulsory in the USA, students must sit through the type of left-of-center indoctrination that many parents across America are now opposing.  Subjects in Advisory cover diversity, equity, and inclusion training.  LBGT advocates see and use Advisory as a place to promote their agenda.  Educators use the word "Advisory" to describe these non-academic sessions because it sounds innocuous enough and suggests that the audience has some choice in the experience, but that's not true.

Can you unsee a picture or unhear music?  In a compulsory setting, educators subject students to unorthodox ideas about society.  They have been doing this for years.  Sometime later, parents hear their children voice these unorthodox ideas and wonder, "Where is all this crap coming from?"  Well, if you are a taxpayer, you are paying for it.  Many teachers resent teaching it, but the students are still forced to sit through it.  Who came up with this brilliant idea, anyway?

The usual suspects are responsible for Advisory lessons.  The Human Rights Campaign, the NAACP, and the Democrat party all contribute to the stew fed to our young during Advisory.  Still, it's not a full meal, so who can object to giving our kids a snack?

Well, I object.  I don't want to pay for the foolishness that makes our young what Rush Limbaugh used to call "mind-numbed robots."  If you still have kids in public school, call the administration and tell them you want to opt your child out of Advisory.  This has precedence in schools.  If, for example, a novel is being taught in English that parents find objectionable, they can request another reading.

Such requests will let educrats know we are on to them and their Advisory lessons.  We must not let up.  As Lefty Driesell used to say, we need to stay on them like "white on rice" and reclaim our public schools.

Norm L. Guy is a pseudonym.

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