Who will vote to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson and why?

Based on the torrent of information that has been made public about Ketanji Brown Jackson, it is shocking that any member of Congress would vote to confirm her to the SCOTUS.  Add to this that thousands of documents from her four years on the Sentencing Commission have been withheld, presumably by Dick Durbin.  Those four years of her record must be damning, for never before has a nominee's record not been made available to the Judiciary Committee.  

Despite this breach of protocol, and thanks to Mike Davis of the Article3 Project, the members of the committee and the public have been able to familiarize themselves with her judicial history.  Just in the last few days, an eighth case has come to light, withheld by the White House, that again shows Jackson's penchant for handing out the briefest sentences possible.  In this one, the offender had 6,500 images of children being reprehensibly abused.  If confirmed, she would be the most radical justice ever to sit on the Supreme Court.

Jackson's sympathy for those who use and distribute child pornography (every image represents the torture and rape of a child) is mystifying, as it is among the most heinous crimes on the planet.  But reducing the sentences of those who purchase, use, and distribute these images has long been her pet project.  Listening to her evasive answers throughout her hearings, one can assume she would sentence anyone present at the Capitol on January 6 as harshly as possible, even if he was ushered into the building by the Capitol Police, but she aches to let child porn users serve the absolute minimum time in prison.  Oh, and she also represented four Guantanamo detainees, terrorists, and won their release. 

Like the rest of the left as constituted in Congress today, she favors criminals over victims.  Why?  And why did Biden nominate her rather than any of several other equally qualified black women?  It was Biden, ever the actual racist, who threatened a filibuster to prevent Janice Rogers Brown from being nominated by George W. Bush to the Supreme Court.

Was Jackson nominated perhaps because, in his own addled mind, he knows that his son Hunter is potentially guilty of having/using child pornography and has somehow normalized it?  Just a few weeks ago, he said, "I bet everybody knows somebody, somewhere along the line ... in an intimate relationship — what happened was the guy takes a revealing picture of his naked friend, or whatever, in a compromising position and then literally sends blackmail."

Uh, no, Mr. President.  Most people do not know anyone who has done such a stupid and childish thing and would never consider doing it themselves.  The Bidens are a very dysfunctional family.  Given the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop, it looks as though they are riddled with perverts and victims.

Brown Jackson is also a supporter of Critical Race Theory, though she evaded questions about this as well.  She claimed that it is "only taught in law school," which is an outright lie.  She sits on the board of a Georgetown school that is shot through with CRT for very young children.  The core of CRT is teaching white children to feel guilt and black children to be angry.  That's it in a nutshell.  It is racist, cruel, and destructive. 

Most hilarious if it were not so deadly serious was Jackson's refusal to commit to a definition of the word "woman."  This telegraphs her fear of offending the LGBT, etc. activists who demand that all human beings accept the nonsensical notion that gender is a choice, fluid and interchangeable.  God forbid she anger that crowd.  

Democrat-run states and corporations like Disney have succumbed like wet dishrags to their demands.  So we know that Jackson is not only a liar, but also a coward.  Sadly, Kavanaugh and Barrett have proven to be just as cowardly, just as fearful of igniting the ire of the left.  One has to wonder if they've been threatened.  How else do we explain their repeated capitulation to the left?  Those two are terrible disappointments to those of us who celebrated their confirmations.  

Jackson would just be another leftist on the Court, albeit the most radical, on the wrong side of American culture's most sacred values: liberty, family, and individual rights.  Like our overlords at the World Economic Forum, she is very likely part of the "we will embrace authoritarianism and like it" crowd.

Every senator on the committee who casts a vote to confirm Jackson will be officially subscribing to her surrender to the woke mob and her extreme judicial philosophy — even though she asserted that she had no judicial philosophy.  Of course she does, and it is Marxist, dismissive of the individual, and dedicated to those they celebrate in favored groups based on race, class, and sex.  The more challenging to traditional Judeo-Christian values, the better.  The same goes for every senator in the full Congress who votes to confirm, if and when he is called upon to vote.

No doubt Judge Jackson is a nice woman, a smart woman who does know the difference between men and women, but her dedication to the far left's campaign to destroy American as founded, to forgive those who engage in the use of child pornography, to sexualize very young children, to aggressively push transgenderism, and to reorder society based on race, not character renders her a Trojan horse, a grenade sent to do further damage to our once great nation that is being systematically destroyed by the quislings who installed Joe Biden as president.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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