Where can you find the soul of the USA?

"Battle for the Soul of the Nation."  When Candidate Biden repeated that refrain during the campaign, it sounded to me like high-minded rhetoric.  Recent actions have caused me to revisit this phrase and the usage of it during the campaign.  What if that phrase was a literal expression of his intentions?

First, we must understand what he could be referring to as the soul of the nation.

For Americans, freedom comes to mind.  I believe that many would agree that freedom is part of the soul of the nation and that we are in a battle for our freedom.

Most Americans fight not just for ourselves.  We fight for the next generation — our children.  Parents sacrifice so their children can have a better life.  Communities rally to protect the children.  Ukraine is sending its children to other countries to save the nation's future.  I would say the soul of the nation is the children.

Are we in a battle for control of our children?  Recent evidence says yes.  Did Candidate Biden foreshadow his and his administration's intentions after he was elected?  We hear stories about cognitively challenged patients having moments of complete clarity.  Did this theme originate during one of those moments?

Many dictators over the last century have attempted to erase history and "re-educate" children.  What we are witnessing goes beyond even the special programs Hitler had set up for German youths. This is an ongoing attempt to crush the spirit of our youths and confuse them.  It appears to be an attempt to tear down the very fabric of childhood innocence with the gender nonsense and the soul-crushing "oppressor versus oppressed" themes.  These are some of the most vile programs aimed at children the world has witnessed, and they are being executed by people who hate America.

The battle for the soul of our nation appeared to be under the radar and seemed to be going well for the Democrats/socialists until COVID lockdowns had an unintended side-effect.  COVID exposed parents and other caregivers to the day-to-day discussions occurring with our children.  And, as parents fought back, the underlying sentiment of these teachers and authority figures was laid bare: the children and what they will be taught belong to teachers and by extension to the state.  They openly admit they are battling for the hearts and minds of our children — i.e., the soul of our nation.

I believe that the teachers and the administrators are operating from the mantra: whoever controls the children will control the soul of the nation.

The parents trying to provide a better life for their kids don't understand they are surrendering their children to an administration that intends to use them in the battle for the soul of our nation.

A final observation: Do not let the fake statements and speeches going into the midterms distract from the message the actions of the Democrats/socialists over the last few years.  The sentiments expressed on hot mics and in deleted tweets are the real sentiments these individuals harbor.  They have come for our children, and they are prepared to do battle for the right to harm our children with the ideology, the new religion, they profess.

There are multiple fronts in the culture war, but this is the battle for the long-term vision of America.  I believe that Candidate Biden told us exactly what he intended during the campaign.  We must not allow them to take control of the hearts and minds of our children.  We must fight for the future of our children and our country.  To the brave parents and grandparents on the front lines of this battle, please continue.

There seems to be more at stake now than everyone realizes.  We must remember not just in November of 2022, but for years to come the words and actions the Democrats/socialists have used.  We must unite to vote against tyranny and to save the soul of our nation.

Maker S. Mark (a pseudonym) is a patriot worried about the state of the nation and how to solve the problems we face.  United we stand, divided we fall.

Image: Marc Nozell via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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