Was Joe Biden too weak to stop Hunter?

At this point, the Hunter Biden drama could go in two directions:

First, we may have evidence that the "big guy" described in his abandoned laptop computer was President Biden. 

If so, then it's Spiro Agnew Gerald Ford all over again, and Vice President Harris will finally move into the Oval Office.

Second, and more likely, there won't be any evidence of a direct connection.  In other words, we won't find canceled checks payable to Joe Biden or a "finder's fee" for Dad.

Nevertheless, it will smell really bad.

Under the first scenario, President Biden will be forced to resign.  Under the second scenario, the Democrats will be hoping he resigns and stays permanently in Delaware.

Biden can't win because of the way the media tell the whole story, as New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin noted:

The federal probe of Hunter Biden is no longer taboo, and the media floodgates are opening. Where once The New York Post stood alone in reporting the skeezy details of the many millions the first son gained by selling his family name overseas, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and CBS News, among others, are belatedly joining the chase and conceding e-mails found on a laptop Hunter abandoned are authentic, just as The Post said they were 17 months ago. 

Even network correspondents are asking pointed questions about the president's insistence in a 2020 campaign debate that "nothing was unethical" about Hunter's lucrative foreign entanglements. 

In other words, the same media that protected Biden from the New York Post in 2020 is now forced to investigate him because the Hunter Biden story is just too explosive.

So what happens now?  My guess is that voters will cut Biden some slack based on the fact that Hunter turned out to be a cocaine- and sex-addicted jerk.  It happens in many families.  Voters won't be so nice, though, about the way Dad let his son get away with so much.  Biden could have ended this charade of corruption years ago, but he did not stand up to his son.  He enabled the whole sorry story because he was weak, a quality we've seen too often in his presidency on many fronts. 

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Image: acaben via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.

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