Trump-hating impeachment plotter complains about all the 'polarization and partisan infighting' in the country

Remember Fiona Hill?  The famous witness for Adam Schiff's staged Trump impeachment show has been getting around these days, commenting for the press on the Russian Ukraine invasion, and showing us all she's a regular gal.  The former NSC official during the Trump administration who tried to do Trump in during his impeachment hit Face the Nation over the weekend and did a long interview for the Times of London.

Her Russia commentary was self-serving, and worse still, she demonstrated what a disingenuous hypocrite she is.

Here's what she told a gushing interviewer from the Times of London, who began with this:

It says a lot about Fiona Hill's down-to-earth grasp of Vladimir Putin's Russia that she lobbied for Arnold Schwarzenegger to be made US ambassador to Moscow.

Like many of her warnings about Putin's murderous intentions, her push behind the scenes for the Terminator to be sent to try and dial down the Russian president's paranoid fear of the West was several steps ahead of the game. Eight years after Schwarzenegger was passed over by President Obama (and still one of just 22 individuals or entities followed by Putin on Twitter), he released a heartfelt video message appealing to the Russian people to see the war in Ukraine for what it is: their leader's despicable folly.

Gush, gush.

Really?  It's an odd claim that Schwarzenegger could have stopped the Russian invasion of Ukraine had President Obama only listened to Fiona.  It would have been an, uh, interesting choice, but more about that later.

What's really obnoxious is what she said later down in the piece in the subscription part, emphasis mine:

It wasn't to be, but could Arnie have made a difference? That's one of many unknowns in the Putin story, but Hill is firm in her view that it was not just President Biden's supposed weakness that convinced the Russian leader that he could act with such cruel abandonment in Ukraine, as many Republicans allege.

"It's the US weakness overall — the whole Trump presidency was evidence of the United States' weakness — a loss of cohesion, political polarisation, partisan infighting," she says. 

Stop.  Stop right there.  Who the hell was responsible for that?

It takes some chutzpah for a former NSC official who actively plotted with her subordinate, the wretched Alexander Vindman, to get an elected leader of the U.S. expelled from office as if the U.S. were some two-bit third-world country with zero respect for what the voters chose, all because they were convinced that they knew better. Vindman, recall, set his own foreign policy, and that was the basis for his spearheaded effort, done through a CIA cutout, to cast the first "whistle-blowing" stone in the first colossally failed impeachment bid, followed by an encore over the events of Jan. 6.

That effort to negate the votes of tens of millions of American voters was in fact a non-stop effort, with amazing machinations dating from the Hillary Clinton campaign with its phony Steele dossier, her minions' lies to the FBI about its origins, the zero-merit impeachment scam, and then the many moves to steal the 2020 re-election from President Trump, ranging from suppression of the New York Post's Hunter Biden reports on Twitter and other social media, to Mark Zuckerberg's takeover of local registrar of voter offices through the miracle of money, to mass junk mail balloting, to ballot-harvesting, to outright naked fraud and cheating in the vote count in the big blue cities. 

Trying to rig the great American democracy which had been functional for more than a quarter of a millennium into some third world hellhole through coup plotting, calumny, illegal spying, framing of innocents, lies, thievery, and deep-state chicanery is bound to create a hell of a lot of polarization and partisan infighting as a natural reaction to vile behavior. And until fairness is restored along with some kind of civility from the aggressors on the left whose motto is 'by any means necessary,' you can bet the polarization and partisan infighting is going to continue until these characters are restored to the fringe they came from.

Hill, who was recruited for her NSC job based on her Russia expertise, has studiously claimed she's always a non-partisan type.  But actually, she's highly partisan.  Her entire career has been about monkey-barring between political patrons.  She was reportedly brought into the NSC either by John Bolton or H.R. McMaster (reports differ) and immediately commenced with these characters to plot against and undermine the president.  Her book on Putin was written with Clifford Gaddy, who has been implicated in the Steele dossier machinations.  She somehow got senile Joe Biden to write the book blurb for her book, and the Times writer claimed without evidence that Biden had actually read it, which doesn't seem likely in light of current events.  She's tight with Vindman.  Vindman's tight with Schwarzenegger.  Now she claims she wanted Schwarzenegger for ambassador.  How far back does this political plotting go?

And how disgusting indeed to see that she's claiming that partisanship and polarization have ruined everything.  With this remark, she reminds me of a certain archetype — the insufferable rich lady of zero self-awareness who says, "You can't get good help these days."

There's a reason for that, Fiona.

Regarding her Schwarzenegger idea, which she is now claiming as proof of her prescience, it's impossible not to have some antennae up to political scheming there, too, given Hill's record.

Hill claims she wanted Schwarzenegger for the Obama ambassador's job in Moscow and presumably wants to crow that she was right about it in the wake of Schwarzenegger's well-received social media message to the Russian people.  Her claim later in the piece that all of the skeletons were already out of Schwarzenegger's closet is odd, given that she couldn't have been expected to actually know that.  The other problem was that Schwarzenegger was awfully easy to get drunk and roll by his political opponents, as one gleefully declared at a UCLA conference several years later.  (I heard it myself.)  Might not the Russians, who can drink anyone under the table, be even better at that kind of thing?  During Schwarzenegger's scandal-plagued shambles of a governorship in California that ended in 2011, just before Hill started making her recommendation to Obama, Arnie issued some extremely gamy pardons, too, suggesting that he was still on someone's string — a political opponent's, no less — as he left office.

We now know that Schwarzenegger was oddly close to Alexander Vindman, the anti-Trump plotter who was likely the "real" whistleblower against Trump and just happened to be Hill's right-hand man at the NSC.  It makes one wonder if Arnie was close to Hill, too, given these "social circles" we are seeing.  To now claim that this guy would have been the best man for the U.S. embassy in Moscow during the Obama administration is enough to give one the willies.

Anyway, Hill is at it again, doing herself a public relations campaign and probably trying to get Joe Biden's attention again for a fancier White House position.  She's as transparent as glass, and not in a good way.  Give us a break.

Image: Screen shot from Face the Nation video via YouTube.

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