Title 42 is about more than just COVID cases

One of the most striking things about our political class is how few have visited our southern border — including Joe Biden.  This means that, when Biden talks airily about removing Title 42 controls over entry in America, he has no idea that a lot more than COVID is coming across the border.

Some senators are taking notice.  Recently, Senator Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, who is facing a challenging re-election, has been making trips to the border.  After her trip in early April, in a massive understatement, she timidly suggested that President Biden needs to have more effective border policies:

My trip to the southern border reinforced my concerns about the administration preemptively ending Title 42. Border agents were very clear with me that the end of Title 42 will lead to a steep increase of attempted crossings that they will not be able to effectively handle because they don't have enough resources.

Perhaps Biden would if he'd ever bothered to go to the border.  There's no indication that Biden has been to the border even once in the past decade and more.  That also means he's never met with overwhelmed local residents or our courageous, exhausted border patrol.

Likewise, Vice President Harris has never effectively acted on Biden's or our behalf in dealing with the major health, cartel-based drug- or human-trafficking situation, or the abandonment of toddlers and other children at the border.  Our useless secretary of homeland security has never even acknowledged the fact that individuals on the national security terrorist watch list have been apprehended at the border with likely many others as "gotaways."

Image: Future illegal aliens.  YouTube screen grab.

Unlike our political class, I have seen what's happened to the beautiful areas on the Rio Grande River and am disgusted with the human waste, garbage, property destruction, and crime our fellow American citizens on ranches on the border must deal with daily.  What kind of American citizens will these invading illegal aliens make to our country if they violate our laws at their very decision to enter our country?

The Biden administration talks about the lack of compassion of previous administrations regarding immigration policy, but how many abused, abandoned, neglected women and children or dead bodies floating in the Rio Grande will it require for America to have a border secured from illegal invaders?  Keep in mind that they're bringing with them TB and other diseases; cartel drug traffic affiliation; mental illness; and, primarily, a desire for better economic status rather than a commitment to our laws and civic commitments to our representative democracy.

When looked at through this filter, Title 42 involves much more than COVID, TB, and obesity case concerns.  It includes what we psychiatrists call behavioral, character, and personality disorders.  Such disorders include alcohol and substance disorders that lead to DUI deaths, predatory pedophiles, criminal gang members, and other psychopaths.  All illegal aliens must ask themselves about the basic criminal act they perform when they jump to the head of the line of those lawfully seeking a home in America.

Sadly, Biden's decision to end Title 42 means that, in addition to the legal, physical, and mental ills described above, we'll also be importing people of weak moral character — although, sadly, that weakness is reflected in too many Americans who no longer believe or have pride in America's national strength, morality, and sovereignty.

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