Three things we know from the Russia-Ukraine War

1. United Nations is worthless.

We knew this when ISIS invaded Iraq and systematically destroyed ancient peaceful societies including the Yazidis. Where was the UN when there was clear genocide against these religious people who were not the particular flavor of Islam that ISIS favored? The UN was created to stop war but has done nothing to that effect.

2. NATO is a HYDRA fighting itself.

The Hydra from Greek mythology is a multi-headed monster (reptile) which is what NATO has become. However, some heads of the monster chose a path that favors the individual country at the harm of the collective group. It is well known that Chancellor Angela Merkel retired Germany's nuclear energy program in favor of importing natural gas from Russia (not really a green policy). Trump was criticized for pointing this out when he visited NATO in 2018.

"We're supposed to protect you against Russia but they're paying billions of dollars to Russia?" Trump asked. "I think that's very inappropriate."

This was at the same time that Germany was not contributing to NATO the 2% of GDP that was agreed. Trump pointed out:

“So we’re paying 4 to 4.3% when Germany ís paying 1 to 1.2% at max 1.2% of a much smaller GDP. That ís not fair,” Trump said.

3. The leaders of the Free World are weak.

Yes, there is the fear of World War III because Russia may use a nuclear weapon. However, the world cannot allow a rogue nation like Russia, using this threat of nuclear weapons, to attack without provocation a peaceful and sovereign country like Ukraine.  What will happen when Iran and other countries (e.g., North Korea) develop nuclear weapons along with their existing ballistic missiles? Will the world allow them to attack sovereign countries because the rogue nation threatens the use of nuclear war? It is time for a Churchill or a Reagan to step forward on the world stage and show strength and not timidity. NATO should provide Ukraine with all the military equipment that is requested for its defense, and Russia should be reminded that the use of a nuclear weapon will result in assured national destruction.

Owen Murphy is Professor Emeritus, School of Computer Science and Engineering, California State University, San Bernardino

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