Third world dump politics: Why the hell is Marjorie Taylor Greene on trial?

With a red wave coming, desperate Democrats are now embracing the politics of Hugo Chavez.

And Iran's mullahs. And Vlad Putin.

Instead of running for office, and trying to persuade voters that their ideas are the best ones, which would involve defending their execrable record in power, they're opting to go the dictator's way, by trying to disqualify opponents from office.

Never mind what the voters think. 

Which brings us to the outrageous show trial of pro-Trump Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

According to NPR's account:

Controversial Republican U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia on Friday defended her comments ahead of the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol while testifying under oath as part of a challenge to her reelection by voters and a supporting legal group, who are seeking to knock her off the ballot for her role prior to the riot.

Greene's appearance in an Atlanta court Friday made her the first GOP member of Congress to testify publicly about Jan. 6, even as a Democratic-led committee back in Washington, D.C., has spent months investigating the attack.

Greene was in front of an administrative law judge because a handful of voters in her district, represented by a nonprofit called Free Speech For People, say Greene should be disqualified because they allege she encouraged and supported the rioters who stormed the Capitol.

While on the witness stand, the congresswoman reiterated baseless claims about election fraud, and repeatedly said that her charged rhetoric ahead of Jan. 6 referred to challenging the electoral count, not a call for violence.

Greene won her Georgia district with 75% of the vote. 

The substance of the trial is incredibly stupid stuff. Did she agree with QAnon? Did she organize the "insurrection"? Did she remember calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "a traitor"? Did she cite "1776"? What did she "like" on Facebook? Every last one of these things are purportedly about whether MTG, as she is known, organized the falsely named "insurrection" of Jan. 6, but in reality, are about whether she has the right to free speech, which at last reading, was still on the books in the Constitution. It's a dry run for the left's big plans to disqualify President Trump from running again for office, which is what this is really about. That's what's making this entire sham a kangaroo courthouse clown show.

On the "crime" of citing 1776, as in "This is our 1776 moment," Taylor Greene acquitted herself very well:

People watching this are rightly disgusted:

I think there's more than reason for just disgust though. What we are looking at is bottom-of-the-barrel third world tinpot dictatorship politics.

This what Putin did to at least one political opponent of his, Alexei Navalny, who now sits in a Siberian GULag as I write this.

It's what the mullahs do to any Iranian election candidate not approved by the Supreme Leader.

And it's certainly what Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela, throwing major political rivals in jail or barring them from running for office, just as election time comes.

John Sexton at Hot Air described the crap that happened there back in 2017

For the third time in a week, Capriles on Saturday led massive demonstrations in downtown Caracas to protest against the Maduro government. Marchers held placards that read “Liberty,” “Elections now,” and ” Down with dictatorship.”…

On Thursday, Interior Minister Nestor Reverol blamed Capriles for leading demonstrations that threatened to “destabilize the country.” Violent clashes with police, who used tear gas to disperse protesters, left one student killed from police gunfire on Thursday. Thirty protesters were arrested.

A day later, the controller general’s office said Capriles was disqualified from running for office again because of improper use of his state’s budget on unspecified contracts, funeral expenses and for publicity.

This isn’t the first time the ruling socialists have used this move against a potential challenger. The government did the same thing to Leopoldo Lopez, another opposition leader who has been in a military prison for two years on trumped-up charges.

The behavior of the Maduro government makes a certain nefarious sense. If you’re the ruler of a collapsing socialist state and polls show the people have turned against you, the only option is to use the power of the state to knock out potential rivals. 

Sound familiar? Sound very, very, familiar? This whole MTG sham trial, starting with an unruly Jan. 6 protest, then blaming a political opponent who supported the original aim of the demonstration for the mess, and then disqualifying and/or jailing her, is straight out of the Hugo Chavez playbook. Democrats didn't take these Chavez acts as a cautionary tale -- they made it a how-to guide. And frankly, that's a revolting precedent which if they are not stopped at, will do again and again. Five leftists, versus hundreds of thousands of voters, and they claim they have the right to disenfranchise them because their candidate didn't win? This is the behavior of would be dictators, exercising their inner tinpot on the U.S. republic.

It's repulsive, and it's hard to understand why that Georgia law isn't being repealed now, given its outrageous application.

Greene herself has argued, in a fundraising email to constituents, that the trial itself is costing her, meaning, she has less money to run for office she otherwise would, which is second form of disenfranchisement:

Fighting their fraudulent lawsuit could cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That’s money I won’t be able to use to get my message out to the voters in my district. And I’m worried even if I’m successful in stopping their charade, I won’t have enough to ensure victory at the ballot box.

I’m not going to lie – the D.C. Cabal and their minions have got me over a barrel. That’s why I desperately need your help today to ensure I can defend my right to be on the ballot AND then win the November election. Can you chip in $50, $100, or $500 to help me fend off this new attack?

It should worry you how hard they are trying to keep America First Conservatives like me off the ballot. These Leftists know we’re making a difference in Congress, and it frightens them.

Other states have blocked this type of ridiculous lawsuit, but I’m the Left’s number one target, so I have to keep fighting.

Well, yeah.

It's also outrageous that the Republican leadership, which back in 2021, lazily sat by as Democrats targeted and bullied Taylor Greene to strip her from her committee seats, something that in the past only her own party could do, even as fiscally corrupt, hostilely anti-American, and openly anti-Semitic creatures such as Rep. Ilhan Omar continue to sit on the House foreign relations committee, avoiding so much as a meaningful censure for her fourth-world Jew-hating tropes. Hypocrite much?

The GOP actually ought to be playing hardball if this is the Chavista politics Democrats in their desperation are embracing. I like this tweet, which ought to stop this trash cold:

Let's hope the GOP grows a backbone, or else Chavista America will become a reality.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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