The Unspoken Evil of Climate Change Tyrants

The current U.S. administration has driven the world into a more dangerous place, and it has been led there by the climate change dictators. 

Consider where they have led us.

The forceful anti-fossil fuel dictates of the green energy policy-makers have led America from being not just energy independent, but also a major exporter to become dependent on dangerous and belligerent regimes. 

They closed the spigots decades before the essential infrastructure had been installed to sustain any adequate dependence on wind power, solar panels, or semiconductor chips. 

They are so maniacal in their devotion to their golden calf that they truly believe that leaving America bereft of fuel and energy is the only way to combat their obsessive fear.  The outcome has been a domestic economic disaster and far more damaging to the global environment and security.

Common sense tells us that introducing renewable energy must begin with a hand-in-hand transition in which traditional fuels must continue to be available in quantities and at prices affordable to most ordinary folk and to maintain essential industries.

When common sense is abandoned, the world becomes a more dangerous place.  This is precisely what is happening, and the American green energy fanatics are to blame. 

Follow the chronology of the damage that America has inflicted on the world in the last year, basically since day one of the Biden administration:

On Day One, as part of the Democrats' fevered rage to eradicate everything that President Trump had achieved, the new president closed the Keystone Pipeline and opened America's southern border. 

One Day Two, Biden lifted sanctions off Putin's Nord Stream pipeline into Europe and, to make up his country's shortfall, he increased America's dependency on Russian oil and gas. 

In early April, Treasury secretary Janet Yellen admitted that the administration she works for has chosen to "shield Russia's energy sector from sanctions."

Paying Russia billions of dollars in rising oil and gas prices while leaving Americans short of locally produced fuel apparently made sense to the clean planet folk in Washington.  Certainly, John Kerry and a Tesla-driving former barmaid in the House had smiles on their faces as ordinary Americans suffered.  But elsewhere, things were stirring.

Russia invaded Ukraine and carried out atrocities, and America refused to allow Poland to give Ukraine the MIG planes it needed to defend itself.  For Biden, a no-fly zone meant Ukraine could not have sovereignty over its own skies.  American and European sanctions involved impounding oligarchs' yachts but not Putin's oil. 

Meanwhile, over in Vienna, American negotiators were always going to lose out by negotiating with Iranians, the global experts in outsmarting people wanting to buy their favors.  They are, after all, the smartest traders in the bazaar and nifty chess players.  Their hard-line leaders are also messianically determined to obtain and use the ultimate doomsday weapon.  It's enshrined in their religious DNA.

And yet, America decided to let Russia do their bartering for them.

It wasn't just Israel that scratched our collective heads over this puzzling strategy.  When Biden announced that he wanted to buy Iranian oil, the anger of the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia reached a boiling point.  No wonder they refused to pick up Biden's phone calls.  Biden was seen as rushing to close a deal that would throw Israel to the Iranian wolves for the cost of Iranian oil that was to be lifted off the Trump-imposed sanctions list.

It became obvious that the Biden administration was also about to lift the Iran terror army that trains and arms their proxies around the Middle East from the Foreign Terror Organization sanctions list.  This list included terrorists who killed 84 in the 1984 bombing of the Buenos Aires Jewish Center and the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut that killed 241 American servicemen.  The commanders of both terror attacks remain prominent members in today's Iranian regime. 

One is forced to ask if the current U.S. administration has no soul, no moral compass.  Is it all about a temporary foreign oil supply, and the world be damned?  It sure seems that way.

Outsiders are dumbfounded at an America that locks down its own energy resources but is eager to buy unlimited amounts from tyrant regimes such as Russia, Iran, and even Venezuela.  CNN pundit Fareed Zakaria suggested that the United States lift sanctions from Maduro to compound the Russia-Iran-Venezuela tyrannical axis.  This will do nothing to make the climate greener, but it will make the world a far darker place. 

The only solution is a return to Trump's successful domestic and foreign policies, but this would be an admission of failure by an administration that is failing due to its own disastrous mistakes.

An administration employing a burn-the-house-down approach to legitimate environmental challenges cannot claim the moral high ground as thousands of lives are lost as the world turns dark.  There are now five million European refugees fleeing the destruction of their towns and cities in which the raging fires belching thick black smoke does infinitely more damage to the environment than a Keystone pipeline.

Appeasing and emboldening tyrants like Iran may end up with no planet at all. 

Barry Shaw, international public diplomacy director, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Photo credit: Mark Dixon CC BY 2.0 license.

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