The unrestrained influx of illegal aliens continues on the Texas border

On April 3, chief patrol agent Jason D. Owens, who is part of the U.S. Border Patrol's Del Rio Sector, reported that his agents had apprehended 75 illegal aliens, who were crammed in a truck, during an operation assisting traffic police near Carrizo Springs in Texas.

This isn't the only instance of human-smuggling.  On April 2, Owens reported that Del Rio Sector agents rescued 22 illegal aliens locked inside a car-hauler during train check operations.

In a separate incident on April 2, unaccompanied children ranging from 1 year to 6 years of age were rescued at the border.

Human-traffickers frequently transport these individuals in subhuman conditions for a handsome price.

If more than 100 illegal aliens were apprehended in just a period of two days, countless more must have dodged law enforcement to infiltrate the mainland.

According to Homeland Security, more than 2.5 million illegal aliens crossed the southern border since Biden took over.  The actual number has to be considerably higher.

Next month, Biden will terminate the Title 42 policy that President Trump implemented during the pandemic to allow border officials quickly to expel migrants on health risk grounds.  Biden's rescission will entice even more people to cross the border, besides being an open invitation for human-traffickers.

Back in January, the New York Post reported that the Biden administration secretly transports illegal migrants, including minors, through nightly chartered flights into unsuspecting communities around the country.  Obviously, taxpayer money funds this covert operation.

The "Remain in Mexico" policy, implemented under President Trump, required illegal aliens seeking asylum to remain in Mexico until their U.S. immigration court date.  However, in February 2021, just a month after being sworn in, Biden terminated the policy.  Fortunately in August 2021, a Texas judge ordered the policy to be reinstated, after Missouri and Texas sued the Biden administration for terminating the policy without following the proper procedures.  To say the least, Biden is not complying with that judicial order completely.

Recently, Biden requested $97.3 billion for the Department of Homeland Security budget.

The Heritage Foundation argues that the proposed budget means that taxpayers will unknowingly fund more illegal immigration and provide legal status for aliens through asylum.  The Biden administration wants to hire 300 new Border Patrol agents ($65 million) and 300 new Border Patrol "processing coordinators" ($23 million) to "respond to" the border crisis.  These coordinators will "receive and in-process" illegal aliens at Border Patrol facilities.

When critics say the open border is one of Biden's biggest failures, they are wrong.  This isn't a mistake; it is a concerted effort to facilitate a prolonged influx of illegal aliens.

Once upon a time, leftists such as Bernie Sanders were vehemently against open borders because they offered Big Business cheap labor, depressing wages for citizen-workers.

Those days are over.  Sanders's presidential campaign website states the following:

This country is a nation of immigrants. Other than the native peoples of the Americas, every one of our families came here from somewhere else. Some came by choice, some by necessity, and others in chains.

Sanders also calls for demilitarization of the border, a moratorium on deportations, decriminalization of immigration, and a swift pathway to citizenship.

These are the very ideas being implemented by the Biden administration, except that unlike Sanders, they just don't blatantly talk about it.

Perhaps Sanders struck a deal with Biden during the 2019 primaries in exchange for withdrawing from the race?  Perhaps Biden's handlers wanted it already?

So who will suffer?

The brains behind these ideas will never be affected by their implementation.  They live in mansions in gated communities with armed guards.  Their neighbors are affluent, educated, and generally law-abiding citizens, which ensures a safe environment for them and their children.

These illegal aliens will never be allowed entry to such residential complexes without proof of identity and vetting.  But the Democrats want these aliens to be able to vote without identity cards and live in next to you without vetting.

These uneducated and unvetted migrants will be eventually be settled in working-class areas.  If some among these are criminals, only the working class will suffer.  Perhaps their loved ones will be assaulted or murdered or raped or their homes robbed or their businesses vandalized, but no one from the elites will be held accountable.

Someday, the illegal migrants may even outnumber the native residents.  Here again, the working class suffer as their culture and values erode.

The influx also means that facilities such as hospitals, as well as law enforcement and fire services, in working-class localities will be overburdened.

Most of these migrants will work for less than minimum wage and no benefits, so once again, the working class, who are already struggling due to record high inflation will suffer from the new competition in the labor market. 

The Democrats know that their jobs in politics or in big corporations or in the media or as lobbyists will never be taken by poorly educated illegal aliens.  It will only be jobs the working classes need to survive that are on the line.

The Democrats have realized that they cannot win in the arena of ideas.  Hence, they plan to alter the composition of the voting population.  They look at border states such as Texas and see an opportunity.  If these states can be turned blue through immigration, that will ensure their permanence in the White House, and maybe a permanent majority in the Senate and the House.

This has been implemented in New York and California due to the influx of migrants and the relentless brainwashing of the population.  The Democrats have a monopoly on power in those places despite vaccine mandates, draconian lockdowns, high taxes, high crime, horrible business climates, and inflation being rained down by them onto regular people.  It also causes vacuous, virtue-signaling, incompetent, and hypocritical politicians such as the likes of AOC and Gavin Newsom to continue to cling to power.

Unchecked immigration will mean a long-term and permanent rigging of elections as well as an assault on democracy.  The native citizen still has voting rights, but the impact of the vote is reduced.

It also doesn't need to be a massive influx.  If 10,000 citizens vote Republican and 9,000 vote Democrat, the Republican wins.  If, however, 2,000 aliens, dependent on the Democrats for their welfare, are given voting rights, and most of them vote for the Democrat, the Democrat wins.

It is not beyond the realm of probability that Democrat strategists are working with the Biden administration to transport aliens to those precincts where Democrats previously lost by narrow margins.

The GOP isn't entirely blameless here, either.  "Kate's Law," which was conceived by Bill O'Reilly and supported by President Trump, would have mandated federal prison time for criminal aliens who return to the U.S. despite deportation.  Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell could have put forth Kate's Law for a standalone vote, but he refused.  This occurred in 2017 when the GOP had control of the Senate, the House, and the White House.

A nation is defined by its geographic borders, its religions and culture, its languages, its ethnicities, and most importantly its values. 

Once geographic boundaries cease to exist, the contamination begins, and someday, you step out of your homes to discover a foreign land and an alien culture.

Image: Screen shot from BBC video, via shareable YouTube.

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