The terrible unintended consequences of the Biden presidency (unless they were intended)

From the moment Donald Trump rode down that escalator, the American left began its campaign to destroy the man and prevent him from being elected.  Leftists' efforts included falsifying a fraudulent banking scheme, wiretapping his phones, and the fabrication of the Russia hoax.  Despite all their devious and illegal plans, to their horror, Trump won the election, so they doubled down, determined to drive him from office.

For nearly three years, with the aid of the FBI, the DOJ, and the CIA, they sought to make absolutely certain he could not be re-elected.  The Clintons, the Obamas, and their activist worker bees in and out of Congress worked tirelessly to destroy Donald Trump.  For four years, Marc Elias traveled state to state to get election laws changed to facilitate the cheating they planned.  Nancy Pelosi let the cat out of the bag when she said, "I feel very confident that Joe Biden will be elected president on Tuesday.  Whatever the end count is on the election that occurs on Tuesday, he will be elected, on January 20th he will be inaugurated President."

She knew the fix was in.  David Bossie's film Rigged lays out how Mark Zuckerberg funneled at least $400 million into numerous states for the drop boxes that, as Dinesh D'Souza's film 2000 Mules will show, were used to submit false ballots by the thousands.  Mike Lindell says he has proven the voting machines were easily hacked and vote counts altered across the country.  No law enforcement agency has addressed why the vote counting stopped at around 11:00 on election night when Trump was ahead in the four key battleground states.  There's no doubt in my mind that the election was stolen.

As a result of all the left's skullduggery, the American people are facing the highest inflation in forty years.  The invasion across the southern border has brought over two million illegal migrants into the country since Biden took office.  Many of these people are being secretly flown to cities throughout the country.  Count on it: the Democrats plan to give them all amnesty so they can vote.  They assume they will all vote Democrat, but one has to wonder if that is true; they are all fleeing crime-ridden totalitarian tyrannies.  They just might opt for a law-and-order civil society.

On top of this obvious moonbattery, the Biden administration has eviscerated our once-world-class military by weeding out Trump-supporters and those who chose to remain unvaxxed.  The damage this progressive cult has done has crippled America in nearly every way possible.  As Steve Feinstein has written, "[t]hese Democrat policies have tangibly and dramatically degraded the quality of life in America[.]"

Inheriting a nation that was energy independent under Trump, Biden put an end to that on day one.  To say his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was catastrophic is a gross understatement.  He left billions of dollars of state-of-the-art military equipment there and effectively handed Bagram AFB to the Chinese.  Thirteen young Americans were killed needlessly, and thousands of Americans were left stranded to the Taliban.

We do not know as yet, but Biden's folly with Putin and Ukraine could lead to nuclear war.  Biden's devastatingly poor judgment has knocked the dollar off its hundred-year run as the global currency while Putin's ruble has rebounded.  None of the above would have happened or would be happening if Trump were still in office — and everyone knows this.  In short, this administration is the most destructive in American history by any measure.  Biden's Cabinet is the most incompetent in history.  The nation may never recover and the criminal cabal that put him in office is responsible.

Thanks to investigative journalists Peter Schweizer and Miranda Devine, we know that Biden and his son Hunter are congenitally corrupt and virtually owned by the Communist Party of China.  They also used Ukraine as a financial playground, as did the Clintons.  Under the circumstances, it is not outside the realm of possibility that COVID was part of a plan to see Trump ousted from office, to make mail-in ballots seem necessary and to destroy the Trump economy in one fell swoop.  We know that Fauci and his evil pals obsessed with making viruses more dangerous have long-term ties to China, as does Biden, and as do numerous other NeverTrumps in Congress.

The Biden administration is consumed with wokery to the point that its members value the LGBTQ++ "community" over all other Americans.  Biden was duty-bound by a promise to Jim Clyburn to select a black woman to the SCOTUS.  He chose the most radical black woman he could find, a woman who said she was unable to define the word "woman" because she is not a biologist!  She has long made clear her sympathy for procurers and users of child pornography.  This would seem to line up with the left's agenda to sexualize, to groom, very young children.  The appointment of Ketanji Brown Jackson does not bode well for the integrity of the Court, nor does the DOJ's war on parents, A.G. Garland's "domestic terrorists," as if they have no right to be informed about what their children are being taught in school.  The criminalization of parents and the destruction of the nuclear family would seem to be fundamental to their goal.

Add to this dire, fascist docket the reign of criminal-friendly mostly Soros-funded district attorneys around the nation such as George Gascon and Chesa Boudin in California, Kim Foxx in Chicago, Kim Gardner in Missouri, Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, et al., and crime is out of control.  As murder, robbery, drug abuse, sexual abuse, shoplifting, and random attacks on innocent civilians and police officers are all on the rise, these pro-criminal D.A.s turn the perpetrators back onto the streets within hours of their committed crimes, where they quite naturally re-offend.

The rally that took place on January 6 was transformed into an "insurrection" by the left, most likely instigated by FBI operatives in the midst.  The FBI has refused to admit they had agents dispersed throughout the crowd whose job it may have been to incite some violence.  Pelosi firmly rejected Trump's offer of 10,000 National Guard troops; the Dem plan was to foment exactly what occurred that day.  What has been done to those who were present and may have walked into the open doors to the Capitol is equivalent to an American Abu Ghraib.  That Republicans in Congress have allowed those people to be so badly treated is worse than a disgrace; it is truly evil.  As Einstein said, "the world is a dangerous place to live — not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."  This administration has proven to be something akin to evil.

Donald Trump was the best president in modern American history.  If he were still in office, if the election had not been fraudulent, we would still be energy independent.  He would have ended the lockdowns and the mask and vaccine mandates, and the economy would have begun recovering much sooner.  The southern border would be secure.  There would be no war between Russia and Ukraine.  But the NeverTrumps cared not a bit about the American people.  They cared only about removing the outsider from their swamp.  They feared his pledge to drain that swamp, to expose all their personal get-rich arrangements, all of them essentially corrupt.  While in office, Trump was the most investigated president in U.S. history and they've got nothing on him.  Not one thing.

When Obama came to office, he liked to think he was elected to manage our decline.  It was Obama who weaponized the FBI, the CIA and the DOJ.  Obama hated America; he set back race relations at least fifty years.  With the advent of Black Lives Matter, the Democrat party lurched farther to the left; they've now gone so far left that they are aligned with the CCP.  It is as though they have adopted Orwell's dystopian novel 1984 as a handbook for the running of the United States.  Can all this damage done be chalked up to stupidity and incompetence, or is it by design?  Is the Biden administration being run by his handlers in China and the arms dealers here who need war to line their pockets?  Does anyone know?

Joe Biden image (edited) from a YouTube screen grab.

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