The next wave of mask mandates

To be generous, the use of masks during what was billed as a viral based respiratory pandemic is pseudoscience at best, given what was worn, how it was worn, where it was worn, the duration it was worn, and so on and so on.  No need to beat the dead horse who did not die of COVID.

Masking is now on the decline as evidenced by the rollback in cities, states, public transportation, etc.  Though there is still the issue of masking children in school, that will likely go by the wayside in the short run.  Primarily, it will be due to the political class looking toward re-election; once you let the parents off the hook, it is a liability to keep the charade going by using children as hostages.  To rational people, it should be clear that there was never a scientific rationale to justify masking's use and obvious child abuse to continue.

But if I were an evil genius, how could I keep my pet project of subjugation — I mean protecting the public's safety — going?  Well, this is a medical issue, after all, so I'd look for the obvious: the medical environment.

Though I am not an evil genius, there is a guy who plays one on TV.  He goes by the name of Dr. Fauci, though sometimes my fingers type too fast and it appears as Fraudci.  According to Dr. Fraudci, I mean Fauci, the pandemic is over, but that is no reason for the mask not to keep on giving.

According to the CDC, there are 860,000,000 medical office visits and 130,000,000 E.R. visits each year.  In addition, there are likely hundreds of millions of medical visits to chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists, outpatient labs, and radiology centers.  

In total, over 1 billion medical visits occur each year.  With a current population of approximately 340,000,000, that is an average of three visits each year, though for many it will be zero, whereas for others ten, twenty, who knows.  In addition to the people seeking care, there are millions of physicians, nurses, therapists, technicians, and secretaries interacting with patients, and everyone is wearing a mask.

The CDC is the organization that our political class has followed for all matters, whether tangential or not, related to COVID.  CMS, the Medicare and Medicaid organization, follows the "guidance" of the CDC.  Most medical providers and sites of service accept Medicare and Medicaid and are therefore bound by CMS rules.  If masks are recommended by the CDC, CMS will require it; therefore, seeing CMS-insured patients and getting paid for services provided depends on following their rules.  

By now, anyone who cared to read about Dr. Fauci knows that his fingers have been spread throughout our government's science agencies.  What he wants, he gets, and that includes the hiring and firing of individuals, what gets researched, where it get researched, where funds are spent, and how to get an ever-increasing amount of money from Congress.

If Dr. Fauci wants to continue the mask charade, he will do it where he knows he has the control, and that is in the medical environment, because after all, he is science.  And every time you need or want to get medical care, you will continue to be forced to wear a mask — it being the reminder of who is boss, even if a fraudulent one.

Image: LAWJR via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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