The media lie about Obamacare...and everything else

Now that Joe Biden's touting Obamacare and bringing President Obama along for the ride at the White House, the media still act as though Obamacare were great even though Obama and others continuously lied to get it passed and then lied about the results.

It's par for the course because they are such a dishonest crew.

The media also are a great supporter of Obama and Biden, as they lied to get the deals done with Iran, which continues to support terrorists and continues to pledge death to America

The media act as though it were treasonous to oppose election results and that no one did it before Trump.  Yet they always support Democrats who challenged results in 2000, 2004, and 2016 in Congress.  The media and other Democrats called Trump an illegitimate president for four years.  They impeached him twice for pure garbage.

The media and others spread the lie that a white cop shot Michael Brown when his hands were up, and he was backing away.  How many cops have been injured and killed because of this intentional lie?  How much anti-cop rhetoric came about because of this lie?  How much has crime gone up throughout the country because of lies implying that white cops indiscriminately kill blacks?

'Hands up, don't shoot' was built on a lie - The Washington Post

The media were a major participant in spreading the lies about Russian collusion for years. 

They sought to destroy white Christian boys for the crime of wearing MAGA hats.

Biden and others have continuously lied that Trump never condemned extremists.  Not once have social media outlets and others silenced these lies, which are meant to gin up racist hate against Trump.

Biden started his campaign with this lie and repeated the lie at a NATO meeting, yet the sycophant media continually support this incompetent, serial liar. 

Trump did condemn white supremacists, too bad so many people won't listen

Can we once and for all kill off the distortion that Donald Trump called white supremacists “very fine people”? In the very same comments people are always quoting from, Virginia, Trump said, "I'm not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists."


Biden REPEATS claim that Trump called neo-Nazis 'good people' after the Charlottesville riot in NATO speech hinting he wants a rematch in 2024


Joe Biden launched his campaign by lying about Donald Trump

Revenues have risen substantially since Trump's tax rate cuts passed, yet the media and other Democrats intentionally lie that the rate cuts have cost the government trillions.  Biden and others continually lie that the rich pay lower tax rates than people in the middle class.  The media never silence these liars because they are also campaigning for higher tax rates.

The media, Biden, and others continually claim that voter integrity laws are like Jim Crow laws, and the lies are meant to gin up racial hate.  There is nothing racist about requiring photo IDs to vote. 

The media and other Democrats know that election officials in many states broke election laws yet continually lie when they say the 2020 election was clean.

Poor Chris Wallace left Fox to go to the lying CNN because he said people at Fox no longer cared about the truth about the election and what he continually calls the insurrection, which even the FBI says was not an insurrection.  The problem with people like Wallace is that they are very confused as to what is the truth. 

Think of the field day that late-night talk show hosts would have making fun of Biden and Kamala if they were comedians instead of partisan hacks, or campaign workers, pushing the leftist agenda to destroy America.

They just can't help themselves.

Image: FreeSVG, public domain.

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