The disturbing trends in progressive support for abortion

Even as Americans are pulling back with revulsion at the extreme positions Democrats and other leftists take regarding human sexuality, leftists are doubling down on abortion.  Whether it's companies paying travel costs for female employees seeking abortions or advocates shilling children's books promoting abortions, there are no limits for the left.

Back in the 1990s, the Clinton campaign said abortion should be safe, rare, and legal.  Implied in that phrase was the belief that abortion shouldn't be a form of birth control but should be a step that women thought about long and hard before taking.

Those 1990s views are long gone.  Abortion has gone from an unpleasant "necessity" (as it was viewed then) to a sacrament.  And I use that word deliberately, for it was Nancy Pelosi, that "good" Catholic, who announced that abortion is "sacred ground."  Since Pelosi said that in 2010, the left's hysterical support for all forms of abortion, no matter how extreme, has constantly ratcheted up.

In California, as Rovvy Lepor wrote at American Thinker, the Legislature is contemplating A.B. 2223, which is written so that it can be understood to prevent people who commit infanticide from being prosecuted.  That's certainly consistent with what a representative from Planned Parenthood said several years ago during testimony before the Florida Legislature: legal abortion should extend to the period after birth.

As with all bad ideas, this one originated in academia.  In 1993, Peter Singer, a chaired professor of ethics at Princeton University, wrote a book advocating for parents' right to kill disabled babies up to a month after their birth.  Because infants lack "rationality, autonomy, and self-consciousness," he explained, "[k]illing them ... cannot be equated with killing normal human beings, or any other self-conscious beings."

Thus, when it comes to post-birth abortion, Singer asserted that "[t]he difference between killing disabled and normal infants lies not in any supposed right to life that the latter has and the former lacks, but in other considerations about killing."  Singer, incidentally, is also the father of PETA, an organization that opposes killing any animals for human consumption or use.

You can see the effect Singer has had on generations of college-educated people who now hold management positions in America's corporate world.  As other red states line up with Texas to pass laws preventing abortions after a fetus's heartbeat is detectable, America's corporations are offering to pay the travel expenses for pregnant women in those states seeking to get abortions elsewhere.  Yesterday, Yelp joined Citigroup, Match, Bumble, Lyft, and Uber in promising to pay travel costs for getting abortions.

Image: 3D ultrasound of a 17-week fetus, sucking his thumb and waving by jenny cu.  CC BY 2.0.

What's funny about Yelp's announcement is that, even as boasts that it will help fund baby-killing, its chief diversity officer, Miriam Warren, is still old-fashioned enough to talk about "women's health."  She really needs to get with the program, because the current leftist theory is that men can also get pregnant (if they were born with a full set of female reproductive organs, of course).  CNN is more progressive.  In an article about Bumble's and Match's policies, the headline talks about "people affected by Texas abortion law" (emphasis mine).

Aside from ideology, this is a good policy for corporations: when women have babies, they get costly paid maternity leave, and sometimes, they don't come back, necessitating the expense of replacing them.  It's a much better corporate policy to help women rid themselves of those pesky pregnancies.

If that shocks you, there's still worse when it comes to the left's reverence for abortion.  Renee Gracey Sherman is a Black Chicago activist who's dedicated her life to being the "Beyoncé of Abortion Storytelling."  She's written pro-abortion articles for all the big publications: The New York Times, The Guardian, the Washington Post, EBONY Mag, Cosmo, Newsweek, HuffPo, Glamour, and others.  She's definitely copacetic with the deaths of 19 million Black babies...and counting.

Sherman's most recent activity was to post a tweet showing two little girls sleeping while she holds before the camera a book entitled "What's an Abortion Anyway."

Would you be surprised to learn that the book's author is a "queer" woman who is a "practicing abortion doula," while the illustrator is a "genderqueer" woman who delusionally refers to herself as "they"?  In other words, as is so often the case, it's the ones who aren't having sex, which results in babies, who are aggressively pushing abortion culture.

Moloch demanded child sacrifice.  One of the great advancements of the Jewish Bible was to reject child sacrifice and to say, instead, that helpless infants must be protected.  If we wish to avoid slipping into a savage, pre-modern world in which human lives are routinely sacrificed to satiate arbitrary and capricious animist gods, we must speak out and act against this death cult.

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