The connection between decreased testosterone and the loss of empathy

Tucker Carlson gained a lot of attention for a video segment he did about declining testosterone levels in American males. In fact, the matter is more important even than he realizes because empathy, a necessary emotion in a healthy society, is tied to healthy testosterone levels.

The purpose of empathy in the human creature has always been to protect the weak. And a major purpose of masculinity was, in part, to express empathy by protecting weaker dear ones. It was the guy with testosterone who was supposed to get out there in front of his rampaging barbarian counterparts to protect his family. However, the only way we know this today is by watching old movies.

That this male hormone led to wars is undeniable but it also led to quick conflict resolution. Men not only fought each other but, to survive, then went to the bargaining table as quickly as possible to avoid more losses. All sorts of rituals developed to avoid or end wars—treaties, state dinners, mutual defense organizations, backdoor channels, and the exchange of daughters in marriage to cement relationships.

Our modern derogation of testosterone-related masculinity has reduced the effectiveness of negotiating mechanisms, leaving us with chaos and handwringing in the face of threats and violence. Without the effects of testosterone on anger levels, there are fewer ways to staunch conflicts.

Victory has been taken off the table, leaving only the suffering of the defeated, which nobody in power seems ever to notice. Promises and agreements made during negotiations can no longer be enforced because there is insufficient rage available when betrayal occurs.

So, the expectation and acceptance of betrayal increase as blood levels of testosterone decrease. To reverse the anomie and chaotic behavior of a failing social system, takes the injection of energy. And a source of that energy wanes with reduced testosterone and its associated righteous indignation against duplicity.

The problem of unanticipated consequences dogs those who are certain of their righteousness and are, therefore, unwilling to deal with the results that arise from their testosterone-killing policies. Everyone then becomes a victim or potential victim of the system without a biological source of empathy—most significantly, the purveyors of this policy that decreases testosterone.

Image: Boys fighting in a schoolroom back when men were expected to fight, 1907. Library of Congress.

Peace, they have yet to learn, is different from passivity. Passivity quickly racks up victims. The first victims were those who were those the testosterone-haters most easily dismissed, such as Blacks killing each other in the nation’s ghettos, but soon other classes were added to the “to-be-ignored list”: Businessmen, Christians, Jews, sex slaves, fetuses (aka babies), the homeless, school-age children, taxpayers and, finally, the largest group of victims—anyone not working for the government or selected corporations. Perfection for the few; inanition for the many.

Sooner rather than later everything will rot. The blood of which Jefferson spoke has always been taken to be that of citizen-soldiers reasserting the norms of a Republic. However, it is more likely to be the stinking blood of the victims of that rotting dysfunctional government because, as the victim list grows, the society will cease to function.

Many have asked themselves the following vital question: “What problem does allowing millions of economic refugees to enter the United States solve?” The problem that has been solved temporarily by economic refugees is that our current American workers have become pacified and no longer need to work to keep their families alive. The American workers have been used up by the system that degraded them. These imported workers will gladly apply their virgin testosterone to their new jobs while also voting for their saviors for at least one generation. But they too will have their turn at being pacified, at which point they will be discarded as well.

The self-sacrifice of the testosterone-laden soldiers, whistleblowers, family men, workers and, yes, dedicated mothers is unfortunately needed for civilization to survive. Without their hormone-driven sacrifices, our psychopathic leaders will conquer each successive generation and, smiling at each other, will feel just fine for having done so.

With enough government-imported Fentanyl, the final blow of the hammer will occur when robots without testosterone or estrogen will do the bidding of our leaders, while all the unblessed extra people will fade away without an audible whimper; they will not have had any children, so there will be no one to cry or to mourn aloud for their passing. 

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